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Tejinn 10 months ago
Science is self correcting. This does not change we know forfact things are older than 7000 years old
Tura 10 months ago
mmmmm piss water! lolololol
Mur 9 months ago
I have trouble with subjectivity vs relativity. What is the difference between subjective morals and relative ones?
Vull 9 months ago
Why does the Golden Rule make no sense to you?
Aragal 9 months ago
Most people probably don't understand the difference between true Christ-followers and nominal, so called cultural Christianity which really is no Christianity at all. These have committed atrocities all in the name of Christ even though their behaviour is far removed from any relationship with Christ or his word.
Kigazil 9 months ago
That we know of.
Makasa 9 months ago
Economics is only a "liberal art" for those for whom economics is beyond their understanding.
Zulkinris 8 months ago
I'm sure that was true with slavery, abortion etc. how does that make it right?
Vojas 8 months ago
According to the red pills and the "I'm not a red pill I just agree with whatever they say," crowd, false accusations are punishable by death, but men who assault or harass women always had a good excuse to do so. They never get this riled up when a woman is assaulted or harassed.
Kigalkree 8 months ago
God does call us to worship Him, but obviously not for His own sake, since we cannot add anything to His completeness. He is lacking nothing.
Voodookinos 8 months ago
The Bible is demonstrably wrong on quite a bit.
Fautaur 8 months ago
That was brilliant.
Zulkiramar 7 months ago
I don't deny it, however you can't deny that a majority of the push back against things like getting rid of slavery in the US, pushing back against educating people about evolution and other scientific advancement is also primarily Christian.
Bataxe 7 months ago
So very, very wrong!
Vudojinn 7 months ago
How is that "getting [something] in return" from Putin?
Donris 7 months ago
Honestly the failure of this is that we often forget to see this as those that hunt and those that gather... BOTH are essential to survive. -_- Not one is better than the other. Yet both are essential.
Akinosar 7 months ago
Not all road users buy gasoline. The gas tax does not provide sufficient revenue to maintain the roads. That is in the specific.
Kabei 7 months ago
Also true. I meant younger women.
Mikashura 6 months ago
You're the kind of person that it's a pleasure to follow. And I do! ;) Nice profile, btw.
Mozilkree 6 months ago
He has been accused of harassment
Faegul 6 months ago
Do all of these solutions apply as well to the former coal miners of WV, or are they strictly reserved for those viewed as Constitutive Others?
Akikree 6 months ago
This should have been decided at the beginning by couple

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