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"I agree. I don't see any reason to think that self-identifying Christians who don't go to church might not actually be Christians."

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We drove on over, got there, parked, headed in, and found our crowd of friends. I closed my eyes and started sucking.

Rei Mizuna loves to hold cock in her wet mouth

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Vudotilar 1 year ago
The Reorganized LDS church is the largest offshoot (now called the Community of Christ). There are only about 250k of them.
Brami 1 year ago
Flat Earth is a ridiculous concept.
Shakaran 1 year ago
Once you eliminate competition in any area, your system is designed to inevitably fail, that is a fact. And socialism or Marxism do not allow for competition and personal rewards for winning the competition, that;'s why they ALL eventually fail
Tasida 1 year ago
Death is solitary. We do it alone. That realization when we meet it, must be pretty humbling.
Aragar 1 year ago
I imagine a fair number of church officials have been able to lay quite the guilt trip on any king who tried to tax their assets historically. ("Taking God's money to fund your palaces your majesty? And after he made you king?")
Grogore 1 year ago
It's spelled Bible. :)
Voodoozahn 1 year ago
Seriously, you don't believe 20 years for a nonviolent drug offence is "tough"?
Gull 1 year ago
James Fowler, Stages of Faith
Fenrir 1 year ago
Zulugore 1 year ago
Nah. The core is incredibly well-supported but there's going to be ongoing refinement around the edges for the foreseeable future.
Tokasa 1 year ago
One of the first things that children are taught is theology of the parents. So unless there are two atheistic parents there will not be a atheist child. Actually, the problem is that when one is an atheist, you don't teach your child anything about a god that doesn't exist.
Kagaktilar 1 year ago
I think I could probably get on board with that
Tosida 11 months ago
You do not choose sexuality. At what point did you stop wanting to sleep with men and decide to now only want to sleep with women?
Mazilkree 11 months ago
Teej was making a cynical sarcastic comment, which many of us also do when we're frustrated over a situation. given the subject matter I imagine many people are grieving over this one and are just trying to express themselves. I'd cut him a break if I were you.
Bralkis 11 months ago
Depends. But if you googed and wiki told you so, it's a simplification.

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