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"Yep. I told you already. But I do admit it is difficult to understand without "seeing" it in operation. So the best is obviously to just go to a forum that is ruled by Wisdom and experience the difference. Then you will "feel" the difference between Freedom and slavery. Ruling by fear vs ruling in Love. Punishment vs Forgiveness. All this I explained already but it is difficult for humans to fathom God's Life."

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Taulmaran 1 year ago
You know, the context of the Leviticus quote shows that while it was a *big* deal for Jesus... it really wasn't for God when handing down the law.
Grocage 1 year ago
If?in a moment of weakness?I ever request pictures, I'll know what to expect. lol
Vogor 1 year ago
Noah?s Flotilla is less poetic.
Duzuru 1 year ago
Wrong! Today, I have a Lt. Col. Foxes military commentator. Biased? Yes. Hated Obama.
Masar 1 year ago
I left that one wide open for someone else.
Fekinos 1 year ago
That is an example of why these conversations are doomed! When the Bible is ruled out as the authority, there is no end to the
Moogulrajas 1 year ago
So... you're saying I should give up hope on the "water into wine" without grapes, time and fermentation in between?
Tojajas 1 year ago
No one individual accomplishes their goals, dreams and desires in isolation. A good social network is required.
Dushura 1 year ago
Read the discussions...
Douhn 1 year ago
The rule should not need any interpretation. None of the Bible and what is in it needs it either, it is Gods word directly or inspired so it is written as it was needed to be read and understood.
Tojanris 1 year ago
Yet he's not the one who claims this. The authors of the Bible claim Jesus claimed they heard someone who was there when Jesus claimed this.
Kigam 1 year ago
I appreciate what you are saying but The fact He was born in Bethlehem,
Nikolmaran 1 year ago
Sharia is not only about prayer methods. Sharia laws apply to anyone living in an Islamic country, whether they're Muslims or not, inasmuch non-Muslims are not granted the same rights of Muslims.
Shakagis 1 year ago
No It's very relevant. Women all over the world are still being treated as property to be owned and traded like in Roman Judea when the NT was written
Tegal 11 months ago
When you can prove that your interpretation is the one correct one asking thousands of denominations, maybe I'll take you seriously.
Mazutilar 11 months ago
Fairies are angels. Elves belong to the underworld.
Zolobei 11 months ago
It?s difficult to believe that homosexuals simply
Sharisar 11 months ago
I know what it means and am comfortable with myself and women standing up for equality.
Vizilkree 11 months ago
What do Pygmies like you know about anything big? What a hoot!
Akinosho 11 months ago
According to their history they had a good understanding on God and how He operates.
Kedal 11 months ago
I never had any in the first place. What guns?
Nazil 11 months ago
We cannot conclusively know how religion started, so your assertion that ?(r)eligion was not started as a moral philosophy? is hollow conjecture.
Togal 10 months ago
Well to paraphrase..
Tetilar 10 months ago
Well no. The affirmatively atheist is claiming that he or she is without belief in "theism". "Theism" means belief in God or god. When you use that word "God" or "god" to define yourself, what definition and use are you making of that ambiguous word? How is the affirmatively atheist using that word to define his own state of mind different than a religious person using that ambiguous term to describe his or her own state of mind?
Maurr 10 months ago
Once trust is gone, there's very little chance it's ever coming back. Hopefully you've been squirreling away some cash to to make a break for it. Until then, treat him like a roommate and start doing things for you. If he sees you breaking away, he'll either accept it or maybe he won't.
Malakinos 10 months ago
I was really high on my back meds when I accidentally bought this.....(shivers)
Nat 10 months ago
U get em ma!
Tygogami 10 months ago
The Qur'an was given to us by God so it's written by Him unchanged by man since it was revealed 1400 years ago, piecemeal over a 23 year period.
Nenris 9 months ago
Unfortunately, they are. The reasons for it are open to debate though.
Dourisar 9 months ago
If you say Jesus is now here and he has a wife the church ? Or something else ?
Vuramar 9 months ago
I beg to differ. Work in a walmart parking lot in West Texas in July. Without those little motorized cart pusher things.
Kagamuro 9 months ago
Well thanks. :) I was actually considering moving back to my birth country. I'm an immigrant. I thought America would be more 1776 or something. Then I had to go get a boyfriend who I'm nuts about and he's not allowed to visit my country. Decisions...
Nagore 9 months ago
Umm, linking Christian websites that choose to rewrite history will not work here. They were wars started by the Pope to fight non Christians and take their land. The whole damned point was to kill off non Christians and take the land . They wanted the so called "Holy land"

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