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676 12:181 year ago

"I disagree. I think it is really awesome to see so many different people come together for a good cause, including athletes from different sports."

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Scream. When I came back she was no longer on the sofa in the den.

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After a few more minutes of this indignity, Jalil finished his duties by giving the 19-year-old yet another enema. "Jesus.

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Minos 11 months ago
WOW! I owned that book as a teen. It was the beginning for me and I found my way to knowing its truth but only recently.
Zololar 11 months ago
'You don't like her because she is of a different political persuasion?'
Faugul 11 months ago
Certainly he was a pain but it wasn't in the State's butt. He was condemned for blaspheming.
Tahn 11 months ago
What crime family? Just lame. As usual, you and your ilk have nothing but drive-by smears. The desperation sure does taste good though.
Vudoktilar 11 months ago
Sure, a man born of a Jewish woman could convert. /s
Nijora 11 months ago
Are the direct quotes from the passages in which Porphyry allegedly tells of the followers of Pythagoras signing Pythagoras' name to books they wrote found on pp. 394-395? Once again, why are you so reluctant to provide a link to Dr. Baum?s article to everyone on this thread who wants it? Now, what made you assume that I would have access to an monograph not on the internet? Could it be that religion of yours acting up?
Talabar 10 months ago
I think it may be more of a 'chronic' condition
Arajas 10 months ago
I had to actually threaten them. I eventually told them many times I was no longer interested and refused to let them in. Then I told them directly to stay away. But they just kept coming about once a month. I finally wrote a letter to the church saying if they showed up again I would file a restraining order for harassment. They did stop after that.
Faulabar 10 months ago
Exactly. It wouldn't have been "Well, the mom was being an inconsiderate azzhole that couldn't control her child from kicking the seat" it would have been "CVNTY WOMAN HATES ALL THE KIDS AND WANTS THEM TO DIE, KICK HER OFF THE PLANE"
Vudocage 10 months ago
You're either 1. stupid or 2. illegal yourself, because you don't know how the U.S. system works.
Samutaur 10 months ago
We profit off of what was taken. So we are complicit.
Dulmaran 10 months ago
"You do realize that Adam and Eve as 2 literal people never existed don't you?" [please supply reasons for believing such]
Kazrajinn 9 months ago
Ha. Nice try liar. So you even lie about blocking me. Why wouldn't you? It's what you do best.
Nishicage 9 months ago
"Only choices can be sin." --- So "original sin" is a choice?
Yozshurg 9 months ago
The religion is based on lies. So it is false and wrong concerning it's claims. It is just made up bullshit.
Milar 9 months ago
And then you obtained an education, right?
Vimuro 8 months ago
Can you make a shoe stink?!
Meshicage 8 months ago
Lepanto, I believe we've been more than patient with your nonsense today. Time to go now. Take care!
Vizilkree 8 months ago
Define "innocent". For Him, there is no "innocent". We all must die, because it is in our genes (and I do not mean Levy's).
Maurr 7 months ago
i will :D thankyou
Nar 7 months ago
Could it be that Mr Smith has a thing for you and his wife is jealous? That's really what this sounds like.
Yozshuran 7 months ago
Oh I know, I was the same way. My kids would wear a coat and leave it at school
Tocage 7 months ago
Data ? what type of data would suffice ?
Mezill 7 months ago
let me explain snowflakery ... by way of an example.

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