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"on the off chance a guy does catch my eye, you better believe i'm looking at his shoes. just saying."

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"Fuck Ryan I'm gonna cum" I yelled over the noise of the shower. Dave has other obligations; he can't be taking care of all your perverted little needs.

It was a pleasant hour, and I was glad to have gotten in some physical activity early before the sun really started heating things up. He violently shoves his cock deep inside apntie my howe, firmly pushing his hands at the back of my head as counter-pressure.

I felt something poking and sliding onto my body. I raised a leg onto the arm of the sofa to give him more room to suck and finger my holes.

You can call the shot for the next 20 minutes. She had to know that there was at least a risk that I could've freaked out and told our mother.

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Vudole 1 year ago
Not sure what that meant.
Goltijora 1 year ago
Cracked on the head is years of brian damage.
Mikajind 1 year ago
Pyramids show that engineers and builders were more advanced than scientists.
Faukasa 1 year ago
so white people don't want free stuff?
Kazrakinos 1 year ago
Cretch should not have engineered old man Khadr's return from Pakistan. Omar's mother should have been charged with child endangerment.
JoJoktilar 1 year ago
No, I am not in denial. Saying that your assertions have nothing to back them up but your opinion is called a rejection, not a denial. :)
Vudogami 1 year ago
Mind your own sense of personal responsibility.
Kazijind 1 year ago
And they've also gotten in the way of science, and culture, has destroyed art. Its also destroyed cities.
Tauktilar 1 year ago
Are you denying Ibn Kathir is a reliable scholar? It seems there are none, beside yourself:)
Teshakar 1 year ago
That only happened when the Jews revolted against Roman rule. Before that, Romans ruled Israel like they ruled other nations.
Gubar 1 year ago
You haven't been doing your job, Just Me is full of optimism and happy happy joy joy feelings!! This is unacceptable!
Zuzil 1 year ago
Science is all based on evidence. No evidence for god, no relevance.
Jular 1 year ago
You choose not to see it hence my original comment.
Dizshura 1 year ago
I know. But look at the actions and results in a True Christian's life, then compare that to those you hold up in example. e.g. Ali Khamenei, an evil man who supports terrorism; Osama Bin Laden, an evil man who perpetrated great evil; Saif al-Adel; Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Tukus 1 year ago
I'm not going to get involved, but I know I will not discuss anything personal with a male doctor. As my sister says "Why discuss my body with a person who doesn't even experience periods?"
Fezragore 1 year ago
That sounds like a really new theological development.
Fenrigal 1 year ago
probably not, especially when Jesus eludes to the OT but what if they just agreed they are teaching stories? Even the horrendous drowning of children would take on a different meaning because we would know it didn;t ACTUALLY happen
Akibar 11 months ago
But makes for great Socialist fodder dont it haha

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