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"The NT says so. Not me."

Hot Teen Blindfolded, Tied Up And Fucked

The gurgling groan that escaped from Steve, together with the powerful throbbing of his prick inside my cunt, warned that he too was about to come. My eyes spread open wide as it feels like Im choking.

"Hold-ups actually," I smiled knowing the effect that stockings had on men. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I pulled away and slapped her face. Jill tossed in somebody's shoe. I spotted my clothes still lying on the floor after last night's strip poker game.

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Dazuru 11 months ago
Those who understand why evolution is proven science just laugh at the ridiculous way this OP tries to pretend there really is any controversy or meaningful alternative explanation. That evolution still has tweaks and ideas changing within its framework is not a meaningful argument against what it has proven.
Mikarisar 11 months ago
"When you quote one verse, it is out of context, by definition."
Zusida 11 months ago
Indeed. The God concept is intrinsic to the mind. The deity and/or subordinate deities are intrinsic to the culture.
Kim 11 months ago
Heating up, hopefully. We always welcome more. Keeps the homeless warm.
Mesho 10 months ago
Smoot & Hawley aint exactly household names.
Zulutilar 10 months ago
That is also incorrect, The Big Bang, The cosmological constant, Fine Tuning of the Universe, Biological information, Human conscientiousness, History, and Archeology. They are all serious science or scientific fields and they all deal with evidence for a God. You choose to see the evidence as you will and like I said I respect that.
Samujora 10 months ago
PJW's awesome, and it's even more awesome when the Leftards badmouth him and put him down... but not one of the ignorant puddles of dick snot has enough active brain cells or legitimate information to logically or factually refute a single thing that he says.
Toran 10 months ago
Islamic terrorists and atheists are the greatest threats facing the world? Not firearms generally, which facilitate the deaths of tens of thousands of people yearly, in the hands of religious and nonreligious alike? Or poverty, which kills tens of millions? Or climate change, which might kill us all?
Kazirg 10 months ago
You can see it in a person's eyes, facial expressions, and talk. False. NONE of the New Testament was written by a homosexual. God precluded that possibility by writing it Himself.
Moogurg 9 months ago
Understood, but I find people who don't want to find truth don't find it regardless of what I say.

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