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"The book says the book is true. The book is true. Therefore my specific god."

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They dont have children. We need to fix that.

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Nikozahn 1 year ago
And the world just keeps on turning. We all have opinions....I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree here.
Kazragal 1 year ago
Eternal separeration from God and all that infers. It is said that Hell is locked from the inside because they don't want God there.
Akinor 1 year ago
I know you can't keep up, but it's all google-able.
Gardalar 1 year ago
Sorry but I got to LMFAO on this one. It is not god who didn't answer it, it's that your line of communication with him was clogged and clouded by the way you were relating to him.
Mezitaxe 1 year ago
"How many murders were caused by religions before history? Obviously, most all of them, since, most all believed in some type of God"
Arashizshura 1 year ago
TFCC. I thought the OP was about ?rationalist? fallibility and not about having the bully pulpit to promote your beliefs or some alt history to attack rational it even dissenting folks.
Kazrabar 1 year ago
you may not but many do.
Voodootilar 1 year ago
People take opium and stimulants such as coffee, get drunk, and then judge those who prefer different highs.
Gardarisar 1 year ago
> (P) The universe was not created for us.
Samukinos 1 year ago
This hateful, intolerant, bigoted, anit-Christian diatribe of yours that you insist on going off on with every OP, whether it has anything to do with the subject of the OP or not, is getting tiresome. We get it. You're a troll that has a hateful chip on their shoulder against Christians the size of a continent. I look forward to the time when the mods ban you for spamming, and for breaking channel rules, which you do consistently. You should have been booted a long time ago.
Nikogar 1 year ago
I take it you have a better system, instead of the majority deciding issues.
Tojas 1 year ago
You were trying to bully someone else with that balderdash "legal" definition. Figured I would add my two cents.
Moogujind 1 year ago
Christian View did another hit and run. He has no answers to back up his inanities.
Zuluran 1 year ago
Unrelated to the deal. Israel does not like the Iranians controlling a military base that close to their border.
Zukus 1 year ago
I will go with that! LOL
Bar 1 year ago
You mean only the god you cannot prove to exist, but claim to know all about gives this Love.
Grolkree 1 year ago
Best of luck.
Sakora 1 year ago
Cool! As it should be.
Mezikazahn 1 year ago
People are free to believe whatever idiotic nonsense they like.
Maugar 11 months ago
Ok...lets see. What 'misses'?
JoJorn 11 months ago
1. Not sure but 50% of the prison population are Christian in the UK. So I would say quite a large amount of attacks were carried out by Christians
Kizil 11 months ago
Here you are again with the derogatory names for the next majority PC Premier of Ontario.
Malam 11 months ago
Neither of them, since it is a copy of a mish mash of ancient religions, myths and literatures. Traits of Hermetism and Neoplatonism are obvious in the Old Testament and in the NT the Neoplatonism, Orphism, Heraclitus and Apollonius of Tyana's theophilosophy!
Mezisar 11 months ago
Evolution works, and can be observed:
Kikazahn 11 months ago
The European Fascism was generally a RCC project. Italy, Spain Austria, Bavaria, Poland, Hungary were traditional areas of antisemitism.
Jule 10 months ago
I just did . Check out the video from an ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICIST
Shaktijas 10 months ago
Imagine you designer t-shirts and I ask you to print something celebrating the 100th anniversary of the KKK - would you do it?
Satilar 10 months ago
I always loved Cheap Trick. Underrated band.

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