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"Still trying to debate a troll? I tell you I'm trolling you about 300 times a day."

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" I was already wet, excited for the punishment. She handed it to Michael.

1 Dude 5 Chicks How Long Could You Last??

She spread her legs as I got close and I slid my fingers between her drenched lips. Jill had recovered from Jim's cock and was sitting on the side of the pool with her feet hanging in the water.

He saw Risa nod her head at him from the corner of his eye to confirm his guess. I was using his ass to fuck my mouth, and I wasn't being gentle on myself. Following that he djck removed my blindfold.

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Nakora 10 months ago
is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? WHO GETS TO DECIDE???
Saran 10 months ago
I represent responsibility and accountability.
Mumi 10 months ago
In the same breath you chastise him for misrepresenting your side, you call the ?pro-life? position ?anti-choice?.
Shajar 10 months ago
I would not bow down and ever worship a gawd like YOURS if he was real and proved himself to me he was. See, I do not worship genocidal maniacs, rape approving, slavery approving, child murdering approving, rip the fetus out of the wombs commanding, perverted degenerates like your gawd.
Zulut 9 months ago
No not an agenda at all.
Zull 9 months ago
This is how it works: You (or, rather, the Bible) make a set of claims, including that a certain God exists. Given that the Bible is also the book that already got a few things wrong (such as global flood) - I see no need to trust it.
Sagar 9 months ago
Regardless of who walks by, it is common courtesy to maintain eye contact with the person that is talking to you.
Vujind 9 months ago
Featuring. It's more accurate and informative than mine. Thanks for searching for this one.
Tygogore 9 months ago
There's plenty of silliness to go around.
Yodal 8 months ago
Of course curry does not get FMVP, it's funny how harden will get his first MVP but curry still can't get a FMVP
Voodoozahn 8 months ago
Who repected us when Obama was President ? Who now has no respect for us that's different ? Our so called allies UK, France, Spain ,Germany, Japan ,Korea,all do as little as possible in importing our products.It very one sided. They want our military to help them ,but everything is one sided.Mexico, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China ,North Korea, Syria all hate our guts ! The rest of the world tolerates us ! They did not really like us.They felt we were weak ! Obama tried his best to make us a second rate country. Who gives a shit what France thinks about us ? Why is it important ?
JoJole 8 months ago
I do not care what it sounds like to you. You are not that important.
Tam 8 months ago
So you admit you don't have access to the whole story. You are a special kind of retard, aren't you? We watched it happen, and the reports from multiple sources are still available to those of us who aren't blocked from seeing them.
Kazrakus 8 months ago
?All of them together add up to me, but the one cell isn't the whole of me.?
Mizragore 8 months ago
Fine! I'll accept all forms of "Oh God, yes!" Compromise?
Gagrel 7 months ago
Faith is just belief..confidence..assurance You have confidence in yourself only by evidence. You have faith in yourself.
Mikall 7 months ago
Nice stories but I don't buy it. Truthfully, men told the stories and then wrote them down. You say they were inspired. How many men were killed because they were inspired in something other than the prevailing religion? Lots of people get inspired. You give that to god. I give that to the individual's intellect and imagination. (Or whatever they may have been smoking).
Fenrisida 7 months ago
I read that. I say good for him.
Gronos 7 months ago
Most abortions are done when the fetus is about the size of a dime. What you are talking about is illegal unless the woman's life is in danger. It should be. This is a very difficult issue, hard to think about. When you're religious you don't have to think about these difficult issues do you? In fact you don't have to think at all. Just accept what your cult leaders tell you without ever checking to see if they're right. They aren't. Once you're a Christian you are wrong about EVERYTHING.
Gardanris 7 months ago
Please do provide an example of someone requiring faith to believe in something that they already have verifiable evidence for.

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