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"I don't get what was so offensive.."

Cory Chase in My Son for the First Time

Now, we have all weekend to play. My cock was seconds away from liftoff.

Cory Chase in My Son for the First Time

I couldn't help it, it felt so good. His hands moved down to my thighs massaging them, when, slap. At home Melody rushed into the shower while Mom dragged me into her bedroom. So I looked her sqaure in the eyes and dragged my eyes down till I was ahvlng straight at her hot C-cups tits.

I snuck her out through the back door in my brother's room and walked her home. She was really getting into it. Joe was grabbing and playing with her tits and nipples and had her pussy throbbing.

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Shaktitaur 1 year ago
There is no evidence of the existence of any of the millions of undetected and undetectable gods, goddesses and god-men/messiahs that have been invented by men... And that is the beginning and end of that discussion.
Muramar 11 months ago
I have visualized you grumbling something like "Oh gawd, another stupid f'n comment from their stupid f'n face, we'll see what you do now" before dropping the ban hammer.
Maujar 11 months ago
Good grief, I really am getting tired of the pettiness here. You understand my comment in the context I made it, so don't waste our time with this kind of nonsense. And if you don't understand me, then leave me alone and respond to somebody else's posts.
Tojagis 11 months ago
" I live in CA, where my vote is cancelled out almost every time I voted, "..... I am Bi-Coastal (San Diego and Phillaburbia) and I know there are PLENTY of Jerkwater Areas in CA but Majority Rules on the State level..... BUT if you are in a Low Population Electoral College/ Affirmative Action Hillbilly Red State you get as Much Power as a Major BLUE City....
Zolozilkree 11 months ago
So blessings are only spiritual in nature?
Maurn 10 months ago
Yes. Shannon. The United States will go back to Jim Crow era overnight.
Vugis 10 months ago
Haha, it was the love that hid it!
JoJobar 10 months ago
True and then one outgrows mere rationalism too - keep going
Yolkis 10 months ago
Yes, as I doubt in the general population in America there would be many more than a third who weren't brought up in a religion, so it proves that all those worries, warnings of immoral living, damnation ... implosion of society (aka soviet) didn't happen.
Gokus 9 months ago
Wow, you really have nothing better to do? Your comment that I responded to was " So, you claim I was a sinner and she wasn't. Interesting."
Yozshusho 9 months ago
You too? Another former Soviet?
Yojind 9 months ago
Not to mention Google and Bixby.
Faulabar 9 months ago
There are still millions of Jews in the world now. What do you think the holocaust was over?
Kazihn 9 months ago
Show the verses
Samukree 8 months ago
People back then were not as up to speed as we are now. Climate and weather are two words for a reason.
Zulmaran 8 months ago
Funny but no.
Akimi 8 months ago
Evolution is far from the only thing that renders god(s) meaningless.
Mabei 8 months ago
Who gives a damn about those has-beens?
Shakalmaran 8 months ago
There was an OP here a few weeks ago that dealt with a similar problem of how do we both *define* and *prioritize* human life... the scenario was a burning building with only a minute to get out alive...
Zunos 7 months ago
That is the assumption, but no outside record of such a practice or something close enough to guess that might be what is being referred to in archeology. Hence the remaining a mystery.

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