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"I always interpreted this as "Even if you only went to war to kill, eventually you'll come to religion too.""

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Clean up a bit. He had a low compelling voice. "What did you do to deserve this?" she asked the mummy in Egyptian not really expecting an answer back. 75" by 2. "What of those of us who can't leave this place being bound to the planet," came the whispering sigh of the wind, as the elemental made her presence known and Anthony's hair ruffled in the breeze.

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JoJozuru 4 months ago
Hitler wasn't an atheist. But yes, agreed on all points. I'm sure all three of them also didn't like butterfly catching, so perhaps all non-butterfly catchers are secretly morally bankrupt mass murderers.
Dilkree 4 months ago
Your refusal to be convinced is -- perhaps the subject of an interesting disucssion of the closed minds of the faithful, but is irrelevnat to whether I answered your questions.
Tale 4 months ago
The Jews coming back, getting Jerusalem back, about to build their third temple, peace accord happening, Israel divided up, Israel surrounded by Islam, Palestinians precisely listed in obadiah Ch 1....etc
Kajigami 3 months ago
i literally just did
Moogugul 3 months ago
Wow, the Warriors' offensive rebounding is practically turning this into 4 corners UNC offense.
Mugore 3 months ago
Right, but they didn't care until after metoo. They had evidence to go after him before. And this is after Harvey completed destroyed this woman in the press by planting stories and tanked her career. He had the journalists working on these stories stalked and harassed. This is happening bc of good journalism, not good police work. Again, just my opinion.
Malam 3 months ago
Marinated, with red wine.
Shaktibei 3 months ago
True. But millions of illegal migrants pass safe countries to get to Western Europe with fatter welfare, and many of them are not from war zone at all.
Grotilar 3 months ago
If he would have cooled it 30 seconds longer everyone would have been on their phones.
Tushicage 3 months ago
It was from the ambien...
Gadal 2 months ago
Romney also predicted four years of Romney, so STFU, Mittens.
Mataxe 2 months ago
The bimbo and the nerd?
Grosar 2 months ago
You think Rudy actually serves as an attorney these days?
Vudokree 2 months ago
They don't have to but different states and their laws.
Yoshicage 2 months ago
Genesis 7:17 Now the flood was on the earth forty days. The waters increased and lifted up the ark, and it rose high above the earth.
Kazracage 2 months ago
The offender will suffer the full pain equal to what he intentionally inflicted on the innocent. Those who do not understand this will never be able to become a follower of Christ.
Balrajas 1 month ago
It seems to have you on the ropes. ;)
Moogushura 1 month ago
Conversely there is a burden of proof on the one who asserts there is NO free will.
Mazil 1 month ago
Not only am I equal to God, I am better than your God. Man invented the concept. There are thousands of them, all invented by man's imagination and ignorance.
Tauhn 1 month ago
Can never trust them to vote for the right person
Mezihn 4 weeks ago
Once trust is gone, there's very little chance it's ever coming back. Hopefully you've been squirreling away some cash to to make a break for it. Until then, treat him like a roommate and start doing things for you. If he sees you breaking away, he'll either accept it or maybe he won't.
Malalkis 4 weeks ago
You know Kirk Cameron he?s evangelical. It is completely standard.
Vujind 2 weeks ago
I don?t see either of the words ?insane? or ?anti-gay?.
Shakarr 1 week ago
I didn't. Learn to read.
JoJokus 1 week ago
It?s so breathtakingly awful on every level that it has achieved the coveted position of greatest song ever.
Vilabar 3 days ago
I watch porn and I respect the women. I've heard people say porn objectifies women but I disagree- what is more humanizing than sex?
Douran 1 day ago
Great. Does any of that make his claim that the genetic code is actually a code more or less believable?

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