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"Toronto is a basketball town now"

Spoils of Victory

"He is the stupid one for letting an amazing girl like you slip between his fingers. The tightness was incomparable, not even Ginny had been this tight the first time they had made love. Blood all over the lower part of my chest, all over the bottom penettation my legs.

Spoils of Victory

Again her body betrayed her. 20 seconds later, she pulled away and turned around, we where face to face now when she asked me, "it is now or never", without a second thought I told her to open wide, because I'm coming in with a heavy load. I lead her out my front door and into my car. In which hole do you want to get fucked first.

Mary had opened and so she had to act first, but she passed. At fifteen my sister had a crush on a guy that she had never met. I lost count of the mini-orgasms I had as I ground my arse onto Bob's thick cock.

En ammavoda thangaitha en chithi. " Startled by what she had heard Melody said, "You've got to be kidding. I continued my school work until I heard her car enter the driveway, and went downstairs to let her in.

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Felkis 1 year ago
I can. Whether you will understand I am not sure. How much of statistical mechanics did you manage in school?
Akigis 1 year ago
There is only One True God of Abraham
Fenridal 11 months ago
Already??? That was quick
Gamuro 11 months ago
Always hated that.
Vile 11 months ago
An aging population will kill off an economy and a government over time.
Akinoshicage 11 months ago
Stop perpetrating bad science. The odds of a perfectly manufactured quarter coming up heads is about 51% not 50%
Grosida 11 months ago
Hiya Melli :-)))
Akizragore 10 months ago
The fact that that can be a sentence says a lot about Christians. You know the whole moral code and loving thy neighbour and all that other crap.
Maucage 10 months ago
It's very likely, and inevitable? Are you kidding? I though atheists follow science and logic but it seem, they believe only in jokes! Sorry, I couldn't laugh more than that. You're free in believing there was nothing suddenly exploded and rearranged itself in a magical way to create everything!
Gardagis 10 months ago
My response is another way of saying that it doesn't make sense.
Marn 10 months ago
By all means. Stand for nothing. The ideology of mush reigns.
Fenrinos 10 months ago
Nothing said the steel was only supposed to go up 25%
Gozahn 9 months ago
Regarding the last question, in general surveys that are conducted by asking for participation tend to give very skewed results. This introduces all sorts of uncontrolled factors such as the bias of certain groups to want to provide input, inaccurate sampling (a small percentage of the channel participants probably saw the OP), and perhaps even some downright cheating.
Bradal 9 months ago
So that deficit "Obama" ran up with a Republican Congress was Congress's fault then. How does consistency taste?
Mak 9 months ago
Double the up votes!
Tetaur 9 months ago
That's what I think too. I think it would help their case, tremendously. Especially when you consider most people take the New Testament to be about love thy neighbor etc.
Yozshuramar 9 months ago
He can turn water into wine but he can't write anything down. I guess his god powers were limited.

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