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"Imagine being a gay person in a town where most shops have similar signs. Imagine how that would affect you psychologically, to be rejected frequently and perhaps daily."

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It was tomb, she had to hook a rope on to the top of the tombs large stone cover and pull it with her truck with dmfour wheel drive. I look up at him as he proceeds to walk to my room. "Michael, pretend that it's you nuce in me.

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She was looking at me with heat thumbz her eyes, and was slowly stroking her pussy. I'm sure you deserved every one of them though, mude filthy white whore!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.

There was another picture taken from a distance that showed both Mary and I, along with almost everyone else. I quickly jumped at that and started to rub her tits with both my hands.

A couple days had passed and I hadn't heard from Krissy, since it was Halloween I had to get a couple pumpkins to carve and put out.

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Neshura 1 year ago
We are talking about the video...not the still shot!
Brataur 1 year ago
The intent is to keep societies, civilized ones, in tact.
Brazshura 1 year ago
"Wow. So YOU excuse is a justification excuse. And now? "
Brajind 1 year ago
Christ crucified is a claim worth considering.
Faegor 1 year ago
Or...your silly timescale is construct like everything else evo gas done to seriously prop up gradualism. Explain why the politics? Why no support for PE, though its has the evidence.
Shaktikora 1 year ago
It has nothing to do with vindication of anyone. This is a refinement of measuring technique. A long time ago we had sundials. Now we have an atomic clock with increased accuracy. Radiocarbon dating will become more accurate, or a better method will be found.
Fecage 1 year ago
Resisted as best I could... Can I watch?... I only have so much will power...
Shaktishakar 1 year ago
Evolution fulfills a need. If there's no need there's no evolution. It's a matter of natural selection for advantageous characteristics but if the advantageous characteristics already exist there will be no change.
Akisida 1 year ago
Did you actually vote for Hillary? Or do you hedge your stupidity by crying over Commie Bernie?
Groshura 1 year ago
As a survivor of this, let me explain it to you this way and I can attest, after talking to many other victims and survivors of this vile horror and evil...that many agree with what I am going to say.
Zologami 1 year ago
It will be a very small step toward moving the bar to post-birth abortion of children who are no longer wanted....
Vuzilkree 11 months ago
So all children know of your god and do not need to ever learn about him? Really?
Groshakar 11 months ago
i guess what is most puzzling to me is that you belong to a murderous occult and are trying to pretend its that evil system which can interpret the Word of a Loving God.
Samubei 11 months ago
I don't disagree in theory. I lean toward libertarian on some issues enough to see the upside. Nanny has to look out for all the ones that would have been destitute because of poor life choices and investment strategies.
Mezizuru 10 months ago
Apparently it means that YHWH created the heavens, and a formless world that contained a sea covered in darkness.
Kall 10 months ago
So you made that up? I clearly identify with both terms and have never experienced any contradiction whatsoever.
Kajisho 10 months ago
No, they are all tricks, some incredibly amazing and mind blowing, but tricks none the less. There are many that will not reveal the secrets, but freely admit they are simply well designed well practiced tricks.
Yozshusho 10 months ago
Seems to me that if God is only a force there is nothing Personal about Him. The question is now if any Love is possible with a force?
Nibar 10 months ago
so its cool that he spends money like a drunken gold digger?..its your taxes he throws around ..he brags about how rich he is but he spends other peoples money and your all good with that....your a very sad sheep.
Muzil 10 months ago
Wow!! My mind is blown!
Mosho 9 months ago
What part doesn't? It is fine to claim you don't believe in a God but keep science out of it. If you were educated in science you would know this.
Virisar 9 months ago
... now I had tied an onion in my belt - which was the style at the time...
Nikozragore 9 months ago
What kind of crap? Whos a leftist? There you go spewing again
Faukree 9 months ago
Nothing you just wrote addressed a single point I made.... and you finish you comment by asserting I'm working from a position of self-righteous indignation? Wow. I'd warn you about letting belief get in the way of the truth- but too late.
Sakora 8 months ago
"leave your Lada where it rests - parked - and it will turn into a Rolls Royce in a couple of million years."
Sharn 8 months ago
same. 8+6 gets me every damn time. complex maths iz hard.
Nakinos 8 months ago
Look in the mirror bud.
Kajizuru 8 months ago
That's Guffie.. Doxxing Lil fuckwad... Hope he dies soon
Aracage 8 months ago
How do you know He does not love dogs? Do you go up to every dog you see?
Kazrarg 7 months ago
You clearly aren't listening to Dense and Graham, who are Dominionists!
Garamar 7 months ago
Yeah, every time someone tells the truth they are part of the deep state in Trumpistan.
Fenrikazahn 7 months ago
the soul is a chrstian construct. There is no evidence that one exists
Kajizilkree 7 months ago
The problem these days with GDP is much of it is being bastardized by governments who are incorporating their contributions and projections into the overall numbers.....
Vile 7 months ago
It is a courtesy to honor a person's SENSE of their own gender above the physiological characteristics that define gender. It's mighty ballsy (if I may use that word) to DEMAND others ignore their own convictions especially when having a penis isn't a matter of CONVICTION.

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