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"Agreed, as long as advocacy is avoided."

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"I don't want to DATE you. These were not things she would want anybody to know about, Justime I decided to blackmail her and finally have my way with her. He firmly kissed her produccts. Jenifer you are perfect. Agent Strom turned and headed for one the two big black cars parked at the curb and the other agents followed.

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Yozshugar 9 months ago
Thanks dude. I'm not really "home" but I'm back.
Yozshudal 9 months ago
I agree. As long as theists don't try to use their religion to prohibit private behavior like who can get married, abortion, drug use and who can use their health insurance to buy birth control.
Brajas 9 months ago
I am against sodomy laws. What goes on between consenting adults is no business of anybody else. Drug laws are also bad. What an adult chooses to do with their own body is no business of anybody else. Polygamy same... homosexual marriage... well they obviously figured that out now. Government must not have bias, so any laws it creates which demonstrate a bias, like the adoption law, are wrong. Society or the tyranny of the majority has no place in legislating the acceptable behavior of others when no real harm is caused by that behavior.
Taular 8 months ago
If you're implying that homosexual behavior was NOT among the sins that condemned Sodom and Gomorrah, you're 100% wrong, and doing a disservice to people who read your comments.
Vok 8 months ago
Why? Jesus can forgive you for your misdeeds. Nobody can forgive me of mine.
Malagor 8 months ago
You are full of hate it seems. I hope you can get past it sometime. The question is malformed, because it all depends on how you apply Christianity - it's not some inherent thing. Look at people, who are responsible for their actions - they don't get to blame something external, like an approach to ego transcendence. They fail a lot.
Zunris 8 months ago
To many forums and sometimes to late at night makes for the occasional scrambled comment, but you seek to make a point from a single hangnail in the above comment which I corrected to an extent.
Tojalar 8 months ago
Agreed on both counts.
Vuhn 8 months ago
All four take the shots and you use the best ball until you hole out.
Samugar 7 months ago
I am glad I got circumcised because women almost unanimously agree they prefer circumcised men over guys with stinky smegma under their foreskin. Good luck with women with that hideous, smelly and nasty appendage.
Kigadal 7 months ago
The comments are very enlightening. I'm discovering that humans when they feel their actions are misunderstood or when what they believe is challenged get hurt, lash out, call the person doing it names.
Faucage 7 months ago
3 checks and you eat lunch alone.
Faek 7 months ago
No, that was the god's way to live. Be completely obedient to his every whim and you can live forever. Then god goes out and murders children and awards those that deceive. So is this god really moral in the way we think we should live?
Bakree 7 months ago
To Trump, everyone is equally inferior to him, and perhaps his family who are also inferior to him.
Akizahn 7 months ago
Hey. Another blog post.
Kir 7 months ago
No. It?s not.
Mazulrajas 6 months ago
The best strategy by far is to pay for education and birth control.
Dizragore 6 months ago
Evolution which never happened and cannot happen.
Vicage 6 months ago
I imagine all those Js told her all about it too, huh? ??
Jut 6 months ago
She has an alcohol addiction. Was arrested in 2016.
Tegami 6 months ago
Do you really believe that you lived on the planet Kolob before you came to earth?
Mizuru 5 months ago
That is not at all what I wrote. Do you even know how federal legislation becomes law?
Kigor 5 months ago
Stole the thoughts out of my head!
Zolojas 5 months ago
Are you familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan? Does it have to be real for you to find it credible?
Gojin 5 months ago
Small town fear of those that appear different.
Nikoshakar 5 months ago
This chap has done a series of short videos on the ten commandments, looking at them from a secular perspective and discussing how they're beneficial to society. I can't say I agree
Samushicage 5 months ago
God was always there. He spoke, ( as a phrase that we as humans can understand), and the big bang happened.
Brahn 5 months ago
Yes,when it first came out I thought great theory,let's see if they can dig up anything.Then,very exciting was the 17 part flagellum.Of course by this time I had caught on to I.C.and the also excellent concept of intelligent design were coming from the loony bible bashers.Still,evidence is evidence,however Thier master central core of proof to bring down accepted evolutionary biology,a tiny microscopic whirler turned out to be proved as not true re;different parts not existing for evolution to create this and now they have nothing.
Masar 4 months ago
topic 1 - no, i go directly to my Saviour (per
Tygoran 4 months ago
Depends what you mean by identify theft. You mean used someone elses SS# so they could get a job and satisfy e-verify?
Gardar 4 months ago
Head of the social justice (racism) department
Mill 4 months ago
I asked you what evidence. So what evidence? You've yet to show it.

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