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"I believe the evidence."


She lets out a eLsbian scream for being so tight. When Lisa finally recovered and lifted herself off Steve, I was pleased to see that he was still fully erect. "I have several business associates coming by in just a few hours.


Lsebian would everyone say about that. As before, the adults were hobbled and the two kids ran free. I don't think I can do it with an audience. He walked up to her and when he got a foot in front of her he stopped. His erection pressing hard against my stomach.

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Brazuru 1 year ago
You're not "explaining" jack shit, Trumpkin. You're just flailing around and bumbling around pathetically and desperately about the normalcy of NK's government. You come across as kinda nuts, frankly. Not sure what your endgame is here......except to look like one of the more prolific nuts on PRB, perhaps?
Tolmaran 1 year ago
It shows that mankind wasn't made special and independent.
Grojas 1 year ago
Its a blood cult, nothing more nothing less.
Meztirisar 1 year ago
It's also likely that the shape of the hole was created by water through erosion. The hole evolves.
Arashirisar 11 months ago
Lay off the Vonnegut for a while....
Vill 11 months ago
Well, Jesus did say broad is the path to destruction and there be many therein , and narrow is the path to life and there be few that find it..
Mazugrel 11 months ago
Everybody has an opinion..... millions more voted Democrat for President.... lest we forget....
Fesho 11 months ago
The disciples, and many others, did see Jesus in Power of His Kingdom when He arose from the dead.
Vudoktilar 10 months ago
I would call it a non specific apology because I haven't done anything personally but am sorry she feels badly. This is forum, we are all having a discussion. Every once a while we have discussion where someone based on their own personal experiences in more sensitive to that discussion. It happens.
Gar 10 months ago
She should be fined, serve community service, and made to read the comments on the Red Pill sites.
Arashisar 10 months ago
Stolen or forged social security card...............Felony
Shakagor 10 months ago
I believe that contraceptive use is inherently wrong, but I don't think I can prove this in a simple way. I view contraceptive uses like lying: yes, it is imaginable to maintain practical chastity while using contraceptives sparsely, just as it is imaginable to remain practically a truthful man while occasionally letting slip a white lie.
Nehn 10 months ago
Lol. Yea not that kind.
Fenriran 10 months ago
Even better when you find a stray cheeto you can munch on :)
Dougor 9 months ago
No, I just have the ability to read.
Kazrajar 9 months ago
The reference to Carrier was not a citation of his work. You might want to re-read that sentence again (it is ambiguous).
Arashitilar 9 months ago
Well, it's Monday again....
Zolozilkree 9 months ago
"The "serpent" or angel, created by God to do this job,..."
Meztilkree 9 months ago
prophecies right, that makes sense...../s
Yosho 8 months ago
Im so sorry darling. I didn't mean to offend. I only come on every other day. <3 Check out my profile so that you can see where I hang out. I will explain more there.
Jurn 8 months ago
Did you leave out a 0, or are property values different from here by a factor of 10?
Nikotilar 8 months ago
"No one gave him a chance to win the election"
Shadal 8 months ago
Yeah my ex and me lol
Zulkis 8 months ago
It's just interesting as an example of a business turning away customers. Discriminating.
Mejin 7 months ago
Well, I actually do believe in him. But I also believe in John F. Kennedy. I don't believe he was a god or savior. And unfortunately believing isn't a willful choice, so I'm going to need some measurable, non-ambiguous proof.
Voodookinos 7 months ago
I'll agree with that. I'll also say that it would seem that the strong men of the world wars toiled in hopes that one day, their kind would be made extinct by a lack of need for them.
Fenrill 7 months ago
Stormy is a pig ...

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