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"Americans will NEVER pay the EXORBITANT taxes needed to pay for single payer!"

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He violently shoves his cock deep inside of my throat, firmly pushing his hands at the back of my head as counter-pressure. I began to get up, when I saw a body come over to my head. Naina cried out. "Take her back to the bathroom and chain her up.

Joe who was in as at least as good a shape as Jim decided that maybe Jim finally had had a good idea. Javier was still with Hazel, but I didn't really have anybody. I jumped and spun around in shock. My body convulsed as I rode out the last of my orgasm. "ugh. I won't let any of your cum go to waste.

Now what I am going to do is reveal our presence to the humans in a way to hopefully minimize the shock of our existence.

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Im kneeling on the ground in front of him. Kathy just smiled and adbertisement behind her neck untying her bikini top before advedtisement back down and dropping the little piece of blue cloth beside the lounge.

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Zulutaxe 3 weeks ago
More white supremacy talk. Your sheets are showing again.
Gugul 2 weeks ago
Where have you been? Many people in all nations have come to Christ to be saved. List any nation where people are not being saved. There are Christians in Muslim nations. Many were Muslims before they became Christians you do not know that? Plus, Jesus Christ and His disciples mostly witness to the Jewish nation and later the apostles spread the word to many. Then the Church was formed (the Messianic Jews and the Gentile believers)who were filled with the Holy Spirit and became the BODY of Jesus Christ. The Church has been giving the message to tell the gospel to each and every generation in the world and let all nations know that no one can get into heaven unless they come thru Christ. Why? So every nation and person can make a decision about Jesus Christ. Believe and follow Him or not. You live in this generation and you will make a decision about Christ, believe and follow Him or not. If you wish to believe that there is no different between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus than that is the decision that you have made. Every person will be judge by God based on the decision they have made. Jesus Christ is the door to heaven and no one can get thru that door unless they come thru Him.
Mikazuru 1 week ago
Exactly. They are beliefs, opinions. So long as they cause no harm outside of the opinion/belief holder's head or own life nobody should have a right to legally restrict them. However, once they cross that line and start affecting the life and liberty and health of others, they must be restrained or restricted.
Badal 5 days ago
Ooooh... I can see by the rest of your posts that you are the highest learned erudite on the topic of what IS and what's NOT atheism....
Mamuro 1 day ago
Just like the easy you posted on your social media account, that rambling incoherence is why you are my punching bag.

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