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"First off, in order for a chain of events to actually be present to begin with, there is something that is required. Namely, a passage of time. If time doesn't pass - there is no chain of events, and there is no cause."

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I stand up and wipe the spit and liquid off my mouth. As I would like help with my lemons more Erotica you could say.

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"I don't think you can save that one, Doc," Mary said sadly. She lowered her head and licked from my pussy to my clit.

That was when Yn ran smack into Mom coming out of the shower wearing two bath towels, one around her body and one around her hair. So I looked her sqaure in the eyes and dragged my eyes down till I was staring straight Duustin her hot C-cups tits.

I took it and shoved my end into Jen's mouth, making her taste my juices again. I treated myself to a burger, breaking the usually strict diet I imposed upon myself to keep in top physical condition.

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Arashirr 1 year ago
I love Ninkasi. After all, she is the goddess of beer.
Malajar 11 months ago
Is the tiger the rug they're gonna use? Or is it a foursome?
Fenrishura 11 months ago
Not really. I work for a production company and my boss put it on the desk of someone. I had a better opportunity because of that than someone else (probably more deserving).
Zolodal 11 months ago
I supply evidence supporting the other comment and your response is "oh stop will ya". My apologies for bursting your intellectually ignorant bubble.
Vilar 11 months ago
avoided embarrassment? So you know that was the goal and are upset that Trump does not want that kind of left wing petty playground drama. HE created a better celebration by locking them out and not giving them the chance for the Oxymoron MORONS to show.
Kazahn 10 months ago
As is your reply.
Meztishakar 10 months ago
He didn't specify. Its no big deal.
Fenrigar 10 months ago
I think tax cuts CAN result in tax revenue increases, as the economy grows more quickly. But the problem is to find exactly the right spot on the curve, so to speak.
Samukasa 10 months ago
PWoD. I agree . It seems to me that there are as many one true gods as there are individual believers in the tens of thousands of one true faiths.
Vutilar 10 months ago
Yes he is but extremely skittish and frightened
Vudozshura 10 months ago
No one ever really knows what is going on in the head of another. Sometimes tragic things happen in life and people never truly recover from those tragedies. Some choose to die slowly on the inside. Others choose to end their pain quickly. I can't say that I agree with either path, but I do understand the reasoning behind each choice.
Tygotilar 10 months ago
Yay! I'm old.
Vurg 9 months ago
No, it's not trying to say that you must treat them equally in that sense. If their behavior is obnoxious then you have every right to ask them to leave. If you have a regular customer and you want to slip them a free cookie in their bag as thanks, no problem.
Golmaran 9 months ago
Oh my lord... the audacity.
Mulkis 9 months ago
I take pride in how I avoid the deadly sins.
Barg 9 months ago
So do you want him to stand up to Islamists or would you rather he just stay silent? Can't have it both ways, goosey.
Zologor 9 months ago
Does she mean by acting as peace keepers we didn't kill enough of that slaughtering machine; The Taliban?
Negami 9 months ago
The incredible hypocrisy escapes you?
Vuktilar 9 months ago
I haven't blocked any mods... and lol this is the only channel I actually comment on. On blogs that have disqus enabled as an add-on, I have blocked posters in the past. Typically these are the ones who are crazy (like saying religious stuff all the time), have offensive content and hurtle abuse, posters that don't know how to articulate their viewpoint without insulting others, or posters that don't know how to end a discussion.. One of my pet peeves is people who think that because you don't agree with their viewpoint and you're not interested in debating ad nauseam on the internet that either you can't prove your point, can't handle differing viewpoints, or are ignorant. Lol meanwhile I'm like, we ain't [yes I said AIN'T not aren't] getting paid for keystrokes on the discuss forums bruh. We aren't over here discussing quantum theory... ain't nobody got time for that lol.
Akizilkree 8 months ago
>>"God created everything you can see."<<
Mikaramar 8 months ago
No one is forcing anyone to treat the races equal, or not be a misogynist, or be fair to Jews, or not discriminate against those who remarry.
Kazrall 8 months ago
I watch porn and I respect the women. I've heard people say porn objectifies women but I disagree- what is more humanizing than sex?
Samujas 8 months ago
No, the Kingdom of Heaven is not "the one who owns the land". The Kingdom is LIKE the one who owns the land. It's a parable - as such, it requires interpretation. I have sincere doubts that it is a parable on the virtue of work and salary. Coming from Jesus and starting with "For the Kingdom of Heaven is LIKE...", I take it to be a parable on the how to attain the Kingdom of heaven, and that it does not matter whether one faithfully serves god through life or not, it matters what they believe at the end of the day.
Doutaxe 8 months ago
right but it opens the door to question what was said.
Bratilar 8 months ago
I don't believe God has said anything on the matter.
Voodookasa 7 months ago
That's no answer. That's complaining.
Banris 7 months ago
It is! I had an eating disorder for many years and first thing I did every morning was get on the scale. If I was a pound heavier it would ruin my whole day.
Tojadal 7 months ago
They didn?t make any point-
Mamuro 7 months ago
Quantum theory and General Relativity are supernatural
Zuluramar 7 months ago
They have been, which is why the 25 week cut off was used as a middle ground in the US. But the pro-fetus folks will never be happy with anything but a total ban
Gadal 7 months ago
Maybe the issue is they don't want someone they work with on a daily basis seen them in body shape revealing gym clothes.
Mikara 7 months ago
Stinky Osama from Londonistan! Go and smell up the mosque with your stinky feet!

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