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"?Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

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Krissy got up after she was done with my cock and left over cum and said i don't want to be late for work. "NO!!!" Samantha cried, shaking her head as she stared at the young Arab.

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Akinole 1 year ago
Compromise is definitely the language of the devil. Its...slowly chipping away piece by piece. Never sell...never ever sell. :)
Feshicage 1 year ago
only people who died were blacks protesting racist cops
Kigale 1 year ago
Nope. Eliminate the silliness of the Bible, and maybe the discussion could focus on some of the REAL reasons folks continue to buy into myths and invisible magic.
Tojarg 1 year ago
Coincidentally, Phillips agreed to make a wedding cake for a pair of dogs (the wedding cake was never created because the person who ordered it just wanted to see how he would respond).
Araran 1 year ago
Lois. That was I gracious post. I may disagree with much of it but that at the moment that does not matter to me.
Tygozshura 1 year ago
John McCain: "The President has inexplicably shown our adversaries the deference and esteem that should be reserved for our closest allies. Those nations ... are being treated with contempt. This is ... a sure path to diminishing America's leadership in the world."
Kezilkree 1 year ago
We forget that One Size does NOT fit all. Boys and girls are different, who knew?
Kagakree 11 months ago
Wienersnitzel in San Angelo had the best fries.
Taunris 11 months ago
LOL that is always my biggest fear. Knowing my luck, my computer would freeze and I would have that window up.
Goltijinn 11 months ago
I think you spend to much time on the internet. I will remember you when you were sane.
Mogami 11 months ago
You were speaking of SC ruling.They aren't the same, Marriage fo gays
Fenririsar 11 months ago
Liberalism IS Communism CLOAKED in Perversion....#perVISIONaries
Daisho 11 months ago
RA 1. I simply like to write down some aspects of my life story to remember what I have not thought about for years.
Voodoolabar 10 months ago
I do not think so. Carrier's scholarship is pretty suspect in the first place. In the second, there is at least one extra-biblical reference to Jesus in Tacitus that a majority of scholars accept as genuine and not added or changed by later scribes.
Maumi 10 months ago
That is not at all what I wrote. Do you even know how federal legislation becomes law?
Samushicage 10 months ago
Good for you, but sadly fundamentalism often does more harm in Jesus' name than good. I'm guessing you're a young earth, flat earther?
Galkree 10 months ago
Let your feeble little mind think that it?s ok. I would be pissed off all the time if I thought like you too
Vudogul 10 months ago
You are trying to do too much. No sweeping generalizations about "many" claims that you have not demonstrated with evidence. Name just one claim the Bible makes that is not true. Start there and we have a logical basis for sane discussion.
Gashura 10 months ago
Ok, evolution is fake. There you go
Maugul 9 months ago
Theology like you said, is the question of divine revelation and the nature of it. I was speaking of the entrance from Deism to Theism in the Christian sense. The beginning of theism would be the believe of special revelation in any religious doctrine. The deist disbelieves in theological revelation, the bible, a symbol of that.
Tojin 9 months ago
Even if it isnt a hoax, this so called Purity group are not represented by or affiliated with any popular Muslim groups. It's a storm in a teacup
Muhn 9 months ago
LMAO....This economy started firing on all cylinders only....after Trump rescinded all of Obama's "pen & phone" EO dictated regulations on businesses. And only after Trump and the GOP cut taxes. And only after Trump and the GOP got rid of the Obamacare mandate that was strangling small businesses. Then and only then did the business world start waking up from the eight year Obama malaise.
Tojale 9 months ago
Yet it is the same subject.
Gusida 9 months ago
Lol, I'm not trying to hammer anyone. I just don't get why someone who wants to reduce abortion and cares deeply about the lives of the unborn, as do I, wouldn't support birth control or programs to help needy kids.
Moogunris 8 months ago
OH yeah, outrage in the BDSM community. Lots and lots of it. They are not the ones buying that trash. You are making a really poor comprasion here. One is a bad work of fiction everyone agrees is not real. The second is a book of myths people think should be followed as holy writ.
Mazuramar 8 months ago
I agree actually
Faegis 8 months ago
You are indeed not the only one who has been fooled by such conservative lies. Our immigrants come with money, education and skills and contribute to our tax base. Don't fall for the Con propaganda.
Damuro 8 months ago
Whoa Whoa Whoa...Youre offering up a jumbalaya of issues I don't even agree with.
Akinogor 8 months ago
Wow !! You iron socks !!
Kaganris 7 months ago
En. Ok, ok, I will defer to the will of the anti spinachers.
Tozilkree 7 months ago
No more nonsense than any of the religious myths. Ever dig deep into Mormons or JW's? Although I will admit, this is pretty far out there.
Kabei 7 months ago
So far so good, no more communication i know of, and she's famously popular for outing him. Win!

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