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"I'm familiar with Mr. Ehrman and his position. I'm also familiar with the counter arguments to his position and why he has made several, for lack of a better term, leaps of faith- with his faith."

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Maybe it wasn't so strange that she had been shocked after all. I ignored it even though it was strong and I started to gently kiss on and around her clit. " Sean couldn't keep up with his frantic counter thrusts and he slumped down onto his Sybian Lover and let the waves of joy explode across his body.

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A white towel was placed over my face. " She bit her lip, forcing the words out. Although none of them were as violent and ruthless as Hassan or his guards, they were still very rough themselves, and really gave the American all she could handle.

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Dait 1 year ago
Great... we can stop funding the UN the IMF and a NATO... and pull all our military personnel out of Europe and the Middle East and let Europe protect themselves? Stop financing foreign Nations that hate America? Sometimes the Europeans have a good ideas.
Nigrel 1 year ago
It's a pleasure to serve :oD
Togul 1 year ago
Quote any translation that refutes what is printed in these verses of the KJV.
Meztijind 1 year ago
What do you mean by "the spirit".
Zuzilkree 1 year ago
"When you just moved to the burbs and trying to pimp"
Zolotaxe 1 year ago
And consent to using a pen isn't consent to write on a paper.
Kishura 1 year ago
No. I explained where the claim comes from. A claim is not evidence, it is a claim. If I tell you this books I has talks about trolls in Seattle, that is not evidence for Trolls being in Seattle. It is making a claim, nothing more.
Megor 1 year ago
Did he really cheat? I haven't seen the crown yet. I thought they were really in love with each other.
Zulkigul 1 year ago
I got deeper than dad ever did.
Tygolabar 1 year ago
I said there's a few links in it dingus.
Malarn 1 year ago
You headed to back to the joint SG?
Nagami 11 months ago
What women? Where? Lets see some actual facts. Because I don't think that's remotely true. Women kill. They are capable of it. But no, I don't think they are killing as many humans as men.
Magar 11 months ago
So you are saying atheism is like a religion?
Gardagis 11 months ago
I'm just answering the question you asked
Mezinris 11 months ago
Circumcision is an essential part of Judaism, and they've got the historic literature to prove it. Attacking circumcision is attacking Jewish families, and if you think attacking families and taking their kids away from them isn't an attack on a minority... you're deluded.
Goltigis 11 months ago
I'd have gotten much better marks in Home Ec if refusal to bake was something I could get graded on. I was terrific at refusing to work.
Shakakora 11 months ago
It only detects the presence. You have to perform blood or urine analysis to get accurate readings on levels (from what I understand)
Mausar 11 months ago
There better be vodka in that :p
Tazuru 10 months ago
The God of this world , "Satan," is responsible for all forms of death on mankind. Satan is the one who deceived Adam and Eve! :)
Doudal 10 months ago
Of course you do. You also have to "have faith" that the sun will rise and bring another day.
Arashidal 10 months ago
What is venmo??
Mezisida 10 months ago
do any of you own a Nespresso? i'm finally buying stuff for the house, and as we all know, I like my aesthetics... I need a sexy and compact coffee machine for other people. [i don't drink coffee]. was thinking of the Citiz, but want to know if it's worth it... or what are some alternatives?
Mujas 9 months ago
you may... nope... you ARE banned.
Mezikus 9 months ago
I am not gay, But I was there when it happened. I have been targeted by Christians in other ways and my family gets a lot of racist crap hurled at them.
Tojazragore 9 months ago
Not all Christians think that we "engage in conduct that is incompatible with our faith" -- some of us are welcomed and even married in our Christian churches with great love and full acceptance.
Brarg 9 months ago
No conflation. You came out against me being against child rape.
JoJolmaran 9 months ago
Again with the name dropping.
Vidal 9 months ago
Actually, there are. Demonstrably so.
Kelabar 9 months ago
She would have started earlier to whip him
Kazijin 8 months ago
I completely agree, however, certain people in power don't agree and see it as the same thing.
Nikole 8 months ago
Allllllllllllllll righty then!

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