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"What's a "gun" ?"

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We sat next to each other in multiple classes and we would always play around and flirt. Enna sollarathunu theriyala. Ennada un thambi enna solluraanu keppan, naan nalla putharu thedi oliyanumnu ninaikirandi. I needed more of this gay world sickness.

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We kiss passionately again, setting fire to my lunges and finally settle down for rest. It's not like innocent people had never been thrown in there before, and they would be guilty of the worst crime in the world in Harry's book if they hurt husgler in any way, and as Head of the DMLE, Harry's book counted for quite a bit.

" I said, "She rubbed her pussy over it until she came and left me high and dry. I kept quiet too because I had learned to only speak when spoken to. Now you know me.

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Balabar 1 year ago
The dragon was the creator of the universe and life. The dragon lives both in my refrigerator, and outside space and time.
Tojam 1 year ago
So you have nothing beside your own warped assumptions.
Tauzragore 1 year ago
Cherry picking "Dr's" from obscure universities show us all we need to know. They are a dime a dozen and easily refuted by history, when it isn't being made up by the secular world.
Mezshura 1 year ago
Got that "Who me"? look... :)
Dagis 1 year ago
But you really didn't elaborate on your conclusions. I think he was asking you to do so, and respectfully as well.
Gardadal 1 year ago
And how many people have been killed by people wearing blue jeans? Thousands . . . so those get restricted.
Gozil 1 year ago
No it does not and you know it. The centuries long Christian war on science is well documented and you are one of its soldiers so what you said is as hypocritical as it could be. You refused to answer my questions about your magic -tree -rib woman "science" and you know what that means. CHECKMATE. You lose. Go away.
Kazrasho 1 year ago
Really good analogy.
Mazuhn 1 year ago
No, you didn't. You paraphrased, and did it inaccurately. I provided the actual, verbatim quote, and the accurate paraphrase.
Vonris 1 year ago
Where did I say unnatural?
Fetilar 1 year ago
Did they catch him?
Gardazuru 1 year ago
Im sure not a day goes by when I don't think about one of my exes. I only have two but they treated me the exact opposite of each other. The one who treated me amazingly was the one I broke up with. She deserved way better and now has it. Would i try to get back with her... If she decided its what would make her happy then I would consider and probably try again :)
Akigrel 1 year ago
that seems like a round about way of name calling.
Fenrijind 1 year ago
My answer to that is we all got problems. I have been bullied, abused, harassed, sexually assaulted, humiliated, fired, laid off, and many other terrible things and never shot anyone. Why should women and girls have to bear the brunt of their anger???
Dizragore 1 year ago
I should preface by saying I think this line of question is beside the point because I think that what you are calling "faith" is itself based on "evidence" for the person who has it ("faith"). You may be working off something like the Bible verse sometimes quotes that "faith is belief things not seen" or whatever it is, but I think that is both a shoddy definition and an untrue statement. I think we have "faith" exactly BECAUSE we think it is supported by evidence. Think of a ridiculous belief - flat earth, young-earth creation, big bang, whatever you deem irrational - I am confident those who believe it don't view it as a great "leap" or else they wouldn't believe it. Same with "God." But we may just be playing a semantic game because I define "faith" as something like: "complete trust in someone or something" the validity of the "evidence" for that "trust" (as valued by some third party) is irrelevant, imho.
Dur 1 year ago
Because your not very kind.
Brajora 1 year ago
If you are going to say that Christians are still bound by the old testament, then the vicious god of the old testament is still on the table. The vicious child murdering god.
Goramar 1 year ago
Do better? Nah, I couldn't possibly top your pathetic comments.
Dourisar 11 months ago
Maybe sometimes, but I am skeptical. I grew up not even knowing what grits were - it was just a word I saw in some old books. I assumed it had something to do with potatoes, and possibly hog fat.
Nikogis 11 months ago
The kitschy 90's rom-coms. I don't care what anyone says...10 Things I Hate About You is still one of the best movies.
Fenos 11 months ago
Yeah that?s not true. Statement of Undisputed Fact:
Kigall 11 months ago
Didn't you hear? It's IHOB now.
Meztishura 11 months ago
I sure you have a perfectly reasonable
Yozshule 11 months ago
It's clear as mud. If consciousness is the requirement for life, then you should have no problem pulling the plug on a coma patients who will fully recover in a few months. After all, they are unable to have consciousness and wouldn't be aware of anything if you ended their life.
Gok 10 months ago
I'm sure she wasn't the epitome of a loving mother, but a life sentence without parole for a non-violent crime so to speak is a bit much----no? Besides, if the Justice Department had submitted it to Obama they must have seen some value.
Meziran 10 months ago
That hypothetical Muslim dominant Europe is reaaaaaaallly hypothetical. Muslims make up 6% of the population.
Kitilar 10 months ago
The 'objective' part is normally assumed to be God.
Sham 10 months ago
ROFLOL - but I?ve already done so, and you?ve already agreed I was correct! Of course you only did so when you thought it was damaging to my "narrative," as you put it.
Bratilar 10 months ago
And we already know that the progs can't run an economy. That mess is on full display daily.
Fezragore 9 months ago
Nope. Wtf are you to tell me what i can and cannot buy? You think we need nobodies dictating our lives.
Doum 9 months ago
What has he come up with on Trump? You still haven't said ONE thing.
Kazinris 9 months ago
This isn't a court of law.

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