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"You' clearly haven't actually read anything I've wrote. You'd rather simply imply that I condone his behavior, than understand that while I find his behavior egregious, It's not criminal, nor should it be. You can support the presumption of innocence and the rule of law without being "pro-rape" as some people seem to imply."

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"Let alone three. Aana sudhava naan thappa ninachu palaginathe illai. "You like that don't you my dirty little girl?" Harry smirked. "Of course not you pervert" she replied.

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The first time he spoke: Your body is mine now. Once again she had been awoken by noises even though her daddy had told her to go to sleep.

Sila samayam kunichu velai pakkumpothu, clevage nalla expose aachu. " She moaned. It was also painful and I wasn't sure how to get her to let go. She wore black lace underwear, which accentuated her lovely hips very well and went well with her tan.

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Faerr 1 year ago
If you read the article, it was a leg waxing.
Nikolabar 1 year ago
wait en see, Aye am satisfied.. with what I know.. I am more sure than all the popes going all the way back to Constantine!!!! :) with exception for any which know what I have known for 40 years..I am more sure than all the Jehovah's witnesses alltogther... more certain than all the Baptists, including their evangelists !!
Dozil 1 year ago
You are speaking for her like I said! It?s you posting to Me about Annette! Eternal Covenant! < Isaiah 24:5 >
Kazicage 1 year ago
Artful Cartoons.... a compromise... :- )
Fekora 1 year ago
When a stalker finds a stalker it's a beautiful thing indeed.
Kazimi 1 year ago
You are not born gay, and if you are suggesting that you need to provide that evidence.
Mikora 1 year ago
Apparently you do. Xoxo
Gar 1 year ago
There are legal cases you can easily find where the same argument is made. I?m actually surprised you aren?t aware of it.
Mezirisar 1 year ago
"Ultimate Truth"! Now tell me what that may be.
Vurn 1 year ago
"Now, whether this is intelligent design or a big bang who knows." - posted by mooska
Vusida 1 year ago
NO. PRB is an EVERY POSSIBLE VIEWPOINT THAT EXISTS CHANNEL. It does not tell posters right from wrong, nor is it moderated by "crusaders."
Kagabar 1 year ago
That's what the vile book suggests, yes.

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