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"The water into wine is the exception that SWALLOWS the rule."

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I took her clit between my lips and started to nipple and suck on it. beet Jill said, as she looked over at Sally and Kevin, now sitting next to her in their underpants and panties.

As he pulls back I sputter saliva all over it, but it all immediately disappears back into my mouth again. He pulled out a shoved it back in causing her legs to start quivering.

Once I was dressed, Mistress called out to Master and he came in with the clear plug. As a straight girl I didn't ssx that what I thought was just our friendship was developing into a huge crush on Jen.

Krissy had taken a key for my place without me knowing about it.

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Nibar 11 months ago
If someones claims something and does not prove it, the person who rejects the unproven claim does not need to prove it.
Gardasho 11 months ago
They are in a tougher position
Tygoktilar 10 months ago
I have a nutter right now saying believe and follow Jesus or burn in Hell. Are you saying Christians don't believe that?
Bagar 10 months ago
Did I sense a ting of worship in your post? Do you wish you could mimic Trump like pence?
Dusar 10 months ago
We both can look at him as a creator god. In my way, that is all he is. I marvel that the beauty provided but my concept means he created it to be all self sustaining. To me he is only a creator god and is now probably only creating something new, somewhere else. No need to deify him or look at him as controlling or wishing to be prayed to.
Kazibei 10 months ago
Newton was far from a typical Christian at the time. He didn't believe in the Trinity and thought worshiping Christ as God was idolatry.
Shazahn 10 months ago
learn the difference between facts and speculation. You have no idea what a Ford PC government will do. You're just spewing
Milkis 9 months ago
No. The Jewish Bible never predicted a *human* scapegoat, much less one who was God incarnate. That's where the Christian Testament violates the Jewish Bible. The notion of Jesus as 1) a substitutionary sacrifice, who B) invalidated Judaism is utterly against the Jewish Bible, and is unbiblical in the truest sense. It's a tack-on by non-Jewish parties.
Nijora 9 months ago
Jesus read the article instead of the headlines and photo... SHE was the victim, she was shot 7 times.
Mazuzil 9 months ago
Not once did I apologize for being gay. Did you read my post? Not once was there an apology. I'm not sure what you meant by this very stupid post you sent me. Can you show me where I apologized? And you're actually the one that was spending all day talking about the kind of men you like, Cleetus. You love manly men. Thats what you keep saying.
Tojaran 9 months ago
Regular companies care about their reputation too because their customers care.
Moshakar 9 months ago
Ah, trusting the honesty of politicians.
Kajilmaran 8 months ago
What kind of pancakes do you like?
Samusida 8 months ago
No personal insults. Deleting.
Shakajin 8 months ago
Interesting take. Wrong, but interesting.
Goltishakar 8 months ago
Not kind and merciful by any stretch. Certainly not perfect. Why would something perfect creat such imperfections ?
Akidal 8 months ago
Well that depends on one's definition of progress, doesn't it? Canada's brand of is measured by tax dollars spent, not on evaluation of outcome. The more money they spend, the more successful they claim it to be.
Femuro 8 months ago
He wouldn't have been sinning in the first place.
Tygonos 7 months ago
They were summing up all that research, and the abstract of there findings was this:
Kajilkree 7 months ago
I would in a physical one on one discussion with drinks. Online...nah, I don't got time for that. If it's not fun, I don't do it.
Kigahn 7 months ago
white privilege is actually more like white intelligence. that way you don't end up laying in the street, bleeding out with your ass hanging out for the world to laugh at, as your last picture on earth.
JoJoshura 7 months ago
That kind of defines what passes for morality today - "lotta people enjoy it." Well, "lotta people enjoy" meth, cocaine and violence. Add to that tobacco, damaging drinking, get the picture. Just because a person "enjoys" something doesn't determine it's ethical or moral worth. Or at least it shouldn't be the determining factor.
Bazshura 7 months ago
Apple Juice after church. I mean me this is a big mess, people should do what's best for them and not everyone will care
Vugore 6 months ago
When did the Religion channel confine itself to religion?
Vujind 6 months ago
I'd rather string them on and let them hang themselves. In case you didn't know it, biblical literalism started here in America. In his computation of the date of creation, Bishop Ussher, resorted to a number of non-biblical sources and a lot of fudging.
Bale 6 months ago
Sorry. America is the greatest nation on the planet.

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