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"Evolution has been refuted trillions of times by YHVH God, who created everything."

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It slowly moved the hand on her butt to her back hole. "Would you?" "Hell yes!" he agreed immediately. At this point, however, things got a little interesting. As he pulls back I sputter saliva all over it, but it all immediately disappears back into my mouth again.

and uncovered her perfect C-cups boobs. Ahh. She reached up with her right hand and started stroking my now hard throbbing cock, as soon as the pre-cum started leaking out she quickly moved her ptrons above my cock and started picking up my pre-cum with her tongue.

Krissy got up after she was done with my cock and left over cum and said i don't want to be late for work. Lisa howled with lust as she bounced up and down.

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Shakagul 1 month ago
So you apply your fallible human tests to the word of god!
Tygokree 1 month ago
Prima Fascie absurd.
Vibei 1 month ago
And it's still illegal. Face it -- if a bunch of bigots hadn't been such jerks in the past we wouldn't have these laws, so if you want to blame anyone for these restrictions, blame them.
Kagalabar 4 weeks ago
I've been watching that one! I can't wait to see how it turns out! GO FFRF!
Matilar 4 weeks ago
Oh I'm a cartoon alright, just not that particular cartoon.
Barg 3 weeks ago
Future depends on that answer?
Kekasa 2 weeks ago
Champ. First thing you got right. ??
Fenriramar 2 weeks ago
"And if consciousness isn't real and only an illusion of the mind..."
Akigore 1 week ago
Hola, good morning everyone, enjoy your day whenever you decide to get out of your comfy beds.
Tygotaur 1 week ago
Another way to look is that this "unknown god" had an, imperfect, arrogant and malevolent son, created by mistake by his mother Sophia and he created seven minor deities -the Dark Archons- among them Yahweh, a jealous, wrathful and vindictive killer! Don't we read such a thing in the OT? As for what he incorporated in him, please read the Ugaritic texts and Nag Hammadi library!
Akinris 6 days ago
No, it doesn't talk about family. It talks about kind. Kind isn't a scientific classification for biology.
Yozshugore 2 days ago
You?ve got that one ?by the balls.? Lol ??

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