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""The church teaches preaches and insist on the Magisterium, Tradition, theology, the sacraments, etc bu they don't actually practice them""

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"Alright let's load into the cars and get going, at least one Djinn in each car," Rooj said. "Well. I pulled on my undershirt, and then slipped back into my pants.

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Joe laughed and walked over to sit beside Jill and started talking to her. An hour of small talk later and we were underneath the bleachers making out and touching and grabbing each other. "Spit on my dick, make it nice and wet.

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Felabar 11 months ago
The story is the story.
Samurr 11 months ago
it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment!!!
Metaxe 11 months ago
I guess it depends on how one defines "important". Some people make it important by arguing that Jesus couldn't have existed because Nazareth didn't exist.
Jutaur 10 months ago
Oh, I understand quite a bit about constitutional law, actually.
Shaktiramar 10 months ago
You would think "transGender" people have the same rights as everyone else.
Gumi 10 months ago
My apologies. Niahm. <----See
Nikokasa 10 months ago
What if you have cancer?
Zoloshura 10 months ago
There is still one persistent fat oily spot in the room!
Badal 10 months ago
One can be bigotd towards any idea/person/group.
Kazrajind 9 months ago
No. Last time I will say this: It was because
Kezil 9 months ago
clearly it is safe to assume you are adept at not understanding logic
Tutilar 9 months ago
Given the amount of attention killers get, these non-entities who, trying to avoid just how utterly insignificant they are even in the lives of those around them, are doing the one thing they can to get the attention they feel they are owed. They are selfish, and evil, and hold no ones live as having value if it doesn't directly serve or please them.
Vull 9 months ago
This is how stupid things have gotten. A person that claims to be liberal is so offended by someone saying "women's lingerie" What is she a cloistered nun? The idea of a man saying lingerie is so offensive? Really? If he said men's underwear would that still be sexual harassment? If a woman said something about lingerie would that be sexual harrassment too? She must get triggered hundreds of time a day.

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