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"If you are going to start an OP like this, at least try to give some real examples. This sounds a whole lot like "Hey stop calling out my religion!" whataboutism. And no, saying "someone said this" is not a real example."

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Nikokus 8 months ago
I have no problem with registering guns. As a matter of fact my guns are registered. I paid for them and all the fees. Why should i give them up? I bought them. Ive never been arrested once. Why am i being punished?
Nazuru 8 months ago
I made a zangie garni this week, called blatjang. It is South African in origin. Has dried apricots and raisins, onions, garlic, slivered almonds, vinegar, brown sugar and spices including ginger and chili powder. It's quite good, definitely zangie.
Kajicage 8 months ago
he wont - he'll pardon himself!!! (im just saying this because I love how it made the liberals heads explode 2 days ago!) HA HA HA HA HA !!!!
Dokasa 8 months ago
I was going to say age and life goals make all the difference here, but then I remembered that all my friends who stayed with their high school sweethearts started either breaking up or tying the knot around their 7 year mark (and most still don't even have kids). Seven years is plenty long enough to either know you've found the one or admit you've just been wasting time having fun.
Tenos 8 months ago
It is a relatiely small percentage
Tejin 8 months ago
It's a truly strange episode of Star Trek TAS where the Enterprise wanders into an area of space where magic is real and they run into a being claiming to be the devil who transports them to Salem during the witch trials and weird shit ensues. In the end, Captain Kirk saves the devil's life, so make what you will of that LOL.
Dusar 7 months ago
I was just giving you an example with gravity and trying to illustrate a concept that people hold certain presuppositions which they believe to be true but they cannot be proven so. These sets of institutional or personal beliefs held to with faith and ardor are consistent across people regardless as there is no way to start from scratch so to speak .
Dougrel 7 months ago
Our climate is controlled by several natural processes... The intensity of the suns radiation, volcanic and geologic activity, the currents of water in our oceans and in the atmosphere, the composition of gases in our atmosphere, etc...
Shakalkis 7 months ago
Yes. That's right.
Arashizahn 7 months ago
"can humans create new forms religions or philosophies that can replace the traditional role of religions in dealing with loss?"
Mikagal 7 months ago
DemoRATS continue to talk about the tax increases during Reagan. YET they forget when Reagan came into office the top tax rate was 70% when he left there were 2 brackets 15 and 28%. So taxes were LOWER after he left PERIOD end of story! You are correct Obama took office on 1-20-2009 and the FIRST piece of legislation he signed was a $862 billion "shovel ready stimulus" which he would later say "shovel ready wasn't as shovel ready as we had hoped"! Smart guy!
Fauzilkree 6 months ago
Anyway, have a blessed day.
Douzuru 6 months ago
i was stupid enough to think that he could change.. Haha but it's over
Sadal 6 months ago
interestingly, the Bible proves that this system isn't Christian.
Tulabar 6 months ago
If ancient myths (Ra, etc) are to be believed, many.
Shaktigis 5 months ago
And with the protection from religion provided in public schools by the constitution
Shanos 5 months ago
As long as I die with a smile on my face... LOL
Akinorn 5 months ago
From whence does that description originate? I wonder at the triple parenthetical emphasis.
Kazragul 5 months ago
The person guessing which cup the ball is under, unless they're a plant, is usually gonna lose their 5 bucks.
Kall 5 months ago
Mine is 10x longer
Kigalmaran 5 months ago
There is but one God
Nanos 5 months ago
tits or GTFO
Golrajas 4 months ago
Eastern Europe and Russia have gotten there too. If I'm not mistaken, Israel is the only country in the "WEIRD" group that isn't shrinking through natural birth/death rates now. (It used to be Israel and the US, but I think the US has flipped.)
Mezilabar 4 months ago
Please disregard Class's threat.

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