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"No, he means a Muslim ban."

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Kajishicage 2 months ago
It?s all pretty simple for me- if a scripture is called into question then look at what the literal translation was.
Zulukus 2 months ago
It?s fraud and making one?s temple their market.
Arashira 1 month ago
Still haven't answered, hypocrite. How is operating a business a religious practice?
Tutilar 1 month ago
Why wasn't it the Democrats trying to protect the American jobs from the foreign workers?
Moogunris 1 month ago
I'm so confused. The white guy doesn't want white people in his local burger joint? If they were to ban white people, does he not realize he would be banned along with them??? I don't get it. What exactly is his problem? Is it to create a problem for the establishment? I mean, something like this could have caused them to have issues had they not handled it the right way (banning him, and taking ownership of their restaurant).
Vudojin 1 month ago
JNR is sorry for ya :D
Arashakar 1 month ago
like a hundred thousand new federal register pages per year..
Vitaur 1 month ago
Your article is from 2013. Every year since then has been warmer than any year before then. There is enough noise in the system that you can always find some period of time where it didn't warm or even cooled. Since 2013, the temperature trend has been about 0.5 - 0.6 C per decade. That is the danger of cherry picking short intervals. The noise dwarfs the true signal.
Fenrikazahn 1 month ago
where do I apply for my climate cash?
JoJot 3 weeks ago
And that system was not capable of providing the workers that the market demanded, so the market when outside the rule of law to fill that market demand with worker who wanted to work.
Fenriran 3 weeks ago
Actually, no. Flat earth is like religion; a belief in something with no evidence.
Mejinn 2 weeks ago
Because I am no dog and I do not like being called a dog by someone who thinks they are morally superior to me because they believe in a Bronze Age bullshit fairy tale.
Yozshuramar 1 week ago
Ladies, specifically, have any of you watched Red Table Talk? Particularly this one with Gabby Union..
Mugar 1 week ago
Lol, work on your deflection. Its sloppy. Refute wt facts, not deflection. Lol
Vulrajas 5 days ago
That's your opinion. If the argument is hinging around "consent for a medical procedure" it's well established that parental consent is sufficient for children.
Digrel 2 days ago
Yeah, the cult plays on their insecurity and tells them they're super intelligent and superior. It preys on their egos.

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