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"Yes. And as far as I know, there is no treatment or preventative for cats."

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Blonde Newcomer Squirts All Over The Place!

"Let's see there, it's two to me. She softly kissed his lips, her tone softening and gaining a seductive twinge, "Daddy, I want you to be happy. I turned around, she was still sitting on the couch. She bit her thin cute bottom lip in excitment.

I jump inside quietly and I waited till I hear the shower go off. Two young men stood there holding a myriad of pool dics in their hands.

My little sex slave started moaning louder and louder and her wtih grew so loud he had to stop kissing her to give her mouth some freedom. He rubbed his large hands over my ass cheeks, kneading them like Mistress had, making my pussy tingle.

She kissed me quickly and said we'd be Lahin touch soon.

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Mezikora 3 months ago
It's the Love Stinks Random Word Generator. Still in Beta Test mode.
Vutaur 3 months ago
Why do you constantly engage in tribal thinking? (i.e. "you atheists").
Disar 3 months ago
That doesn"t mean you can't be close and cuddly.
Sasar 3 months ago
TY TS! You are one of my Favs! ??
Gulmaran 2 months ago
One guy talking out his ass about Europe securing its own military interests? I suppose if they can harness the power of their newly imported Islamic hordes it'll all work out. Lolol
Togal 2 months ago
Seriously, read it in context with an open mind.
Tulmaran 2 months ago
You can't accuse people of being 'too dumb' while writing 'to DUM'.
Kenos 2 months ago
There are definately countries with "socialized" healthcare who provide better service more effecienty than we do in the US. The US does a terrible job with healthcare.
Tugami 2 months ago
Oh no! Bro...Im sorry you're too stupid to grasp the seriousness of Obummers fuck ups, but they make Trump look like an alter boy! ???????? But please continue posting your irrelevant replies, they are quite entertaining.
Jugul 2 months ago
oooo that would have also been a dick move.
Goltihn 1 month ago
My "way" is to punish someone appropriately for their crime. And this kid DID try to get away with cold blooded murder and it was only pure dumb luck it didn't happen. Aside from that, would like to see more done to PREVENT things like this from happening. But once something like this does happen, punishment should be severe. Conversely, your way of thinking is "Hey, let that poor kid back out into society so he can go shoot some other innocent victims...."
Mosho 1 month ago
*le sigh* love him. He would have been 60 today.
Ararr 1 month ago
Talking asses are real.
Yojas 1 month ago
Odd you and Smiley don't understand my "moniker" is holding a fake gun and its from a movie that is fiction. You guys understand fiction from reality right?
Megrel 1 month ago
Got told off and not to do it again or I will get banned. Still say it is ridiculous no negative Intent...?So I will have to walk on eggshells, mind my P's and Q's and toe the line to Political Correctness... It is becoming an Epidemic across the Globe.I sent Kitty Gladstone ? ?? ??
Tygoshura 1 month ago
Menendez is a shit-stirring pedo; I bet he went there to pick him some young Latina chicks.
Mekazahn 4 weeks ago
Your sexy only goes so far
Grozilkree 3 weeks ago
Right, but I am saying that the stakes are a bit different given the platform that entertainment industries are on in comparison to your local bank. Do you care that your Bath & Body Works sales clerk is on the pole Fridays and Saturdays?
Mekus 3 weeks ago
Argumentum ad populum.
Kagakasa 2 weeks ago
To clarify: Nature as a whole is awesome, evolution is an effective way to create massive biodiversity, and I can understand an argument that God set the universe up to support the emergence and evolution of life.
JoJokus 2 weeks ago
It would be more shocking if they came out with the names of famous dudes who aren't being inappropriate and the dudes who aren't assaulting women left and right.
Akijind 1 week ago
Drinking warm Diet Coke. Life is cruel.
Vozilkree 4 days ago
Oh what a tangled web the Trump trap has woven.

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