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"It would be interesting to look at. Didn't a lot of old family Bibles contain records of marriages, births, deaths and baptisms?"

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Gardasida 1 year ago
This would explain SO MUCH!! :)
Grole 1 year ago
I think it's just easier to say, you win. Evolution is fake. Now, please, just go away
Dourr 1 year ago
No game on the occupied land !
Molkis 1 year ago
Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything, not only to please them while they are watching, but with sincerity of heart and fear of the Lord
Kazijora 1 year ago
I was stuck on Orlando from a recent trip I guess. Rain rain go away... This funeral is going to suck.
Kazahn 1 year ago
"Still, why are atheists being held to a higher standard when it comes to reason?"
Malarn 1 year ago
"SEEMS" a bit stupid. That's the key word here revealing an argument from ignorance or incredulity. And you want to lecture me on logic and reason.
Kazitilar 1 year ago
I was thinking last night...
Dubei 1 year ago
Falls under COVET , I would think. The Church as a whole doesn't care.
Akinor 1 year ago
The claim of God's non-existence is equally unproven...
Kishakar 1 year ago
Can you think of any additional cosmological arguments against a creator deity?
JoJorn 1 year ago
Agreed. If you are having more than you can support it is irresponsible.
Nikolkree 1 year ago
It seems to me it's instructive look at Western Countries that haven't separated Church and State. Canada, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany.
Zulkilabar 11 months ago
heh closer... Water is to fish.. as....
Mezitaxe 11 months ago
Fox has taken it to a new level
Nishakar 11 months ago
oops wrong thread similar theme. That was my mistake.
Taujora 10 months ago
Those supporting Bee's behaviour and how many in comparison or ratio to the Roseanne thing wasn't the premise of our discussion. I outlined the fact that those that support Bee used "political criticism" as their reason to do so. You just so happened to be one of those to do so and that's why you're upset as you got called out on it.
Kazrarr 10 months ago
Free will is accepting or rejecting the knowledge of God from creation. We choose here. Free will is responding once we have that evidence too.
Tegal 10 months ago
Christians started their persecutions of others in 312 AD. Starting with the Pagans, Christians have slaughtered and butchered, Pagans, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans and many other groups of people. But Christians always justify their slaughters and persecutions of others. Yet, then they cry how they are the ones being persecuted when we stand up to their persecutions of others. Again, talk about hypocrisy and double standards on the parts of conservative Christians.
Gosho 10 months ago
There was a second. And third... and 40th... and 4,000th... we see examples of massive, "world covering" ocean events throughout the geological record as a result of climate change and asteroid impacts. These events wiped out all sorts of species. But none of them were any special, rainbows are naturally occurring light waves and boats can help you survive a big flood.
Zoloshura 10 months ago
Ya I'm not sure why they were included in the group.

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