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"Catholics. Catholics have it right.... just as they have since Jesus handed St. Peter the key of authority to His Church. Just as they had it right when they discerned and compiled the Bible for us."

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" He commanded. Sudhavakku love letters vanthathu, naan sight adicha ponnugalai patri ellam pesi irukkom.

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I was already gone. For some sick reason this turned me on. At this time on a Friday evening the car park was nearly deserted and Steve parked the limo and quickly joined us in the spacious back.

I've only seen my big brother's once by accident and it wasn't even half this big" as she finished her sentence, her hand made contact with the head of my cock for the first time.

He was to give himself an enema and then remove his genital hair. " Melody snapped, "That's a lie. "Why does your privates dampen in excitment. Damn that was wild, she thought. Although I was feeling very randy, I also began to feel quite jealous.

There were various bottles of liquor inside the little cabinet but the only two she was instructed to concern herself with were a pitcher of spring water and a bottle of unbelievably expensive champagne. She replied with. Looking out into the clear blue sea just as the dawn was breaking over the trees, I saw a foamy disturbance in the water.

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Gobei 11 months ago
If you are so sure of your claim that evolution by natural selection is not possible why post it here on the religion channel? Your claim is about science not religion. Why not post on the science channel?
Dourr 11 months ago
I did Kim. My point is this...atheism lacks doctrine to adhere to morally. That's a vacuum. Its a free for all depending on the individual and the modern accepted world views. There's nothing beyond the individual to corral the morally, BUT their own appeals.
Tygomi 10 months ago
in the case of the incel scum, thats a small number of really evil, sick, desperate losers who, through the power of social media have been able to form communities where they feed ad stoke up each others hate.
Misida 10 months ago
Again, what you think about me is irrelevant. Jesus Christ is the Judge.
Tesida 10 months ago
Not at all. I am saying that Sane Guy is a fascist. If I was saying that all Conservatives are fascists I myself would be a fascist. Flipside, do you support Sane Guy's fascist statement about what should happen to our democracy?
Meztirr 10 months ago
That verse is talking about a harlot, wrong subject!
Kekasa 10 months ago
bwwhahaha. Saint Stallion, that's what I'll call you.
Milmaran 9 months ago
You libs are funny. You reject even your media when doesn't prove your point of view.
Motaxe 9 months ago
That sounds like it came from here...the new age bullshit generator:
Tauramar 9 months ago
Is being honestly kind with no ulterior motive, an objective moral?
Akijar 9 months ago
When does Scotland land a man on the moon?
Shakar 9 months ago
No, I think we should look to the founders to see who THEY think should get money! "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents"! James Madison Don't try to go to this General Welfare BS either! "With respect to the two words general welfare, I have always regarded them as QUALIFIED by the detail of powers connected with them . To take then in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of PROOFS was NOT contemplated by its creators"! James Madison
Yozahn 9 months ago
Seems to me a Rutgers prof before had received attention for inflammatory comments, I?m guessing it?s the same D-bag?
Mazumuro 8 months ago
Ouch -----good one Bolt .....
Braktilar 8 months ago
I don't compare people to dogs.
Mezim 8 months ago
I have dealt with my daughter thinking he is wonderful after hanging out with religious friends or thinks that angels at the most beautiful things "i;ve ever seen". that's when I say "oh? that does sound beautiful. what did the angel look like?" and start a conversation from that point.
Jujin 8 months ago
Exactly. When we see people or other dogs, I get her back on the leash for her safety and out of respect to the other people. Not all people like dogs. Not all people want even a friendly dog running up to them. Sometimes people with really small dogs will pick up their dog when they see my big dog. Again, this doesn't offend me. I would too if I had a small dog.
Brakasa 8 months ago
Twinkle twinkle little star works too
Faulkis 8 months ago
One of my favorites, Matthew 24, jesus says all the signs marking the end of the world would happen before his generation passed... that was 2,000 years ago LMAO
Zululabar 7 months ago
Jesus is God in the Flesh, God always existed and is the Creator and Savior of the World. Today is the day of Salvation, come back to Him Joe. He died on the Cross for the sins of the world to free us from the penalty of sin which is eternal Gehenna. I pray you accept his free gift of Salvation.
Jusar 7 months ago
It's a he. No words nor surgery will change that. Go deny reality somewhere else.
Tygosar 7 months ago
YOU support Christians who want to slaughter Atheists, LGBT's and others, so by your own words? YOU are guilty by association.
Kigazragore 7 months ago
I do this with the shoe issue. I'm sure it's even worse now bc when we spend the weekend in NY I only brought 3 different pairs...regretted it the ENTIRE FREAKING TIME.
Vigul 6 months ago
I love this show and now use this on my own door to door religious salesmen.
Zuludal 6 months ago
Just because you are not in the majority doesn't mean that this belief is not common among Bible scholars. You are not the majority. You do not have the power or authority to determine such.
Faur 6 months ago
Liberals doubling down on stupid, the anthem brings us all together.....why are liberals obsessed with dividing us?
Nagami 6 months ago
You know, you are right. Saying that he created it is far worse than saying he invented it.

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