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"AND being ripped off by a system which penalises people BECAUSE they are male! The matriarchy in action!"

To Love-ru Diary GOLD

bdquo;I found your photo's Maria. I was about to get my bra on, when my mother called me.

To Love-ru Diary GOLD

The angle of my head on the bench allowed Randy to push past my gag reflex. " Joe laughed and said I would love to get hold of any of them, and let them wear me out. I was using his ass to fuck my mouth, and I wasn't being gentle on myself.

It made me wet between my legs. Naa appa b. "Jenny," Anthony said with looking away from the vampire. I took photos of course. With an uncanny speed it flung it's self at her, with extended fingertips it tore the light fabriced pant legs apart look at her fleshy but slim legs.

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Faegrel 10 months ago
I love fried okra, but I will fight anyone who thinks it isn't also amazing cooked! Try cutting slits and soaking them in water for 5 min to remove the slime if the texture is what gets you. Then cook it with tomato, onions, leeks etc Yummmm!
Shaktisar 10 months ago
Don't think Rowling is an historian, nor does she "attest" Mr. Potter is a real person.
Mumi 10 months ago
there's bacon there, just drive!!
Goltiran 10 months ago
I only have my personal opinions and they only are important to me. I don't expect anyone else to share them
Mazusho 10 months ago
That?s one of the most ridiculous things I?ve ever heard! She feels it?s her ? Jewish duty? to deny his divinity, yet rejects the Torah!
Malmaran 10 months ago
In that case they would have to respect your opinion that they're stupid. Which might be fun to point out.
Akisho 10 months ago
Fiction and fantasy are big sellers. Not non fiction.
Dakus 10 months ago
The age of the earth. Or: how Miguel keeps a lot of people busy here.
Tall 9 months ago
Apparently God is a strict reductionist :)
Doubar 9 months ago
Report what happened to the boyfriend and his company. It was a work event, even if the OP is not an employee.
Kalar 9 months ago
Very true, you cant redo a good first impression.
Guzragore 9 months ago
Groups of data. Evidences
Gardarn 8 months ago
That's fair. I was referencing things I've researched regarding major cities. Chicago being one of them. I would hope that small towns offer a better police department than larger ones, but you also do get small town biases as well. Anyway, thanks for your input! I appreciate your perspective.
Zologrel 8 months ago
There have been multiple I supposed. Burglary at home, gun held to my head in armed robbery, the attempted murder of my father. Too many to list really.
Golkis 8 months ago
When my daughter asks why I say no, I explain why. Rarely did or does she ever ask why a second time. If she did, my second answer was, and is, "Ok, because I said no. How's that for my final answer?"
Tunos 8 months ago
You do know that world wide flood never happened right? I mean if it did? Someone forgot to tell all the other civilizations that were around at the time.
Samugis 8 months ago
Yeah indeedy they strip then bl......
Zolomuro 8 months ago
So you made a fool of yourself for $5? LOL
Akinobei 7 months ago
That's what the believers say....
Malmaran 7 months ago
the Gay men hookup spot is the GYM
Negore 7 months ago
Oh, I see. You're creating a strawman, since he didn't say that.
Tohn 7 months ago
we will see next Thursday.
Kakinos 7 months ago
So where is the contemporary evidence? If he did all these miraculous things you would think that at least one person, probably many, would have had the ability to write down, or have written down, these great things while he was alive. Didn't happen. Had to wait many decades before anything was written about the man. So where is the preponderance of evidence?
Voodoozil 7 months ago
I know it in my heart. Sorry.
Dairamar 7 months ago
So you think expressing total rage on an internet comment board at anyone who gets in your way is going to put an end to that?
Shaktijind 7 months ago
Perhaps, but the way to get that is the same as the way to get a male-free space.
Dousho 6 months ago
Not even Colbert?
Zulkilkree 6 months ago
Vilrajas 6 months ago
Jeff offered a USA Today article saying:
JoJogul 6 months ago
I bet he?ll be talking about this for years!! Sounds like the time we took The Kid to the auto show when he was 3 & really into cars. We were there for 9 hours straight until he went digital, turned off & slept for 11 hours (a record for him!). He never napped anyway, so that part was not weird. What was bizarre? Not one meltdown. Zero. I wanted the car show every weekend, not just over Thanksgiving. Too bad he grew out of it! ??
Mezizuru 6 months ago
Lol And again with the husbands coming to the rescue?! These flowers are too delicate to talk about scary, manly things like money themselves? *eyeroll*

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