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"I suggest you to stop making ungrounded assumptions about my thoughts and feelings, especially when I explicitly expressed a position different from what you assign me. problems in the world are not limited to Islam. It doesn't mean that a violent totalitarian ideology should be defended and its critics silenced."

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Zulusida 1 year ago
Casting judgments from a Fundamentalist world view on someone who spoke with icy clarity about a range of conditions certainly fits the bill you try to project psychologically.
Shakaramar 1 year ago
Big election turnout.
Tutilar 1 year ago
I am making NO promises
Mele 11 months ago
The pope believe in God and fails at truth. Assuming Muslim and Mormons believe in God, do they believe the truth?
Mijora 11 months ago
At the time I posted that, the OP had no recommends :)
Mitilar 11 months ago
At 6 am? Absolutely.
Tazilkree 11 months ago
How dare you not use capital letters!!!
Arak 11 months ago
don't you have a formation to line up in, gump?
Shaktishura 11 months ago
So you could sell your house.
Gardagis 10 months ago
I have only reached nuclear once in 18 years, never again, I am sure a part of me died that day.
Dijind 10 months ago
Come on, what reasonable person believes Genesis is about the literal creation of the first man and woman? That is impossible. Rather, more reasonably it is seen as a metaphorical story about the "creation" of a religious group in antiquity.
Nataur 10 months ago
Well you can start by showing us Christianity in the Constitution.
Mikajind 10 months ago
You didn't answer the question...
Mudal 10 months ago
But then do you choose to fight or do you just choose to forgo the relationship? I feel that if the person and I have too many differences in their differences that I can?t live with I just forgo the relationship
Tauzshura 10 months ago
It would be a different profession if he was paying her to have sex.
Gardajind 9 months ago
And on it's way to being nothing but dead tissue. That's always the 'final outcome' of any of this.
Dokree 9 months ago
Yup. So deep in the soup he doesn't care.
Shaktizuru 9 months ago
Which doesn't mean he's an atheist. "No affiliation" does not equate to atheist.
Yozshull 9 months ago
Alright. I'll buy that. Thank you for your honesty and civility.
Maugore 9 months ago
Still a better deal than they're getting from Hamas.
Dall 9 months ago
Curry now winning 2 rings in Cleveland, this is for you!
Salabar 9 months ago
Lefty11 missed out on his free $20 bill.
Akinodal 8 months ago
That income should be tied & adjustable to the costs of living in any particular area.
Tozilkree 8 months ago
I'm not sure you appreciate the amount of data supporting evolutionary theory. The idea that it is being directed by some intelligent being is not only irrelevant, but wholly unsupported by any evidence whatsoever. None at all.
Arakree 8 months ago
Christians have a more Supreme God. As theirs is into the Highest Reality that exists. Relationships. And He is the Father of them. The Highest of Relationships.
Faerr 8 months ago
Agreed, but I'm so cynical since for so long many just get away with it.
Arashik 7 months ago
no clue what that means
Moogurisar 7 months ago
You won't READ and then pretend to know theology...

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