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"You ain't kidding!"


I felt my cock throb at this sight and I was fairly sure if anyone were to look then they would get an eyeful of my member in my tight lime green Speedos, although that was part of the reason I chose them.

Once he was finished with the weeping blonde, Jalil lowered her back to the floor and left the room. Then all of a sudden with her other hand she grabbed onto my balls and squeezed them and I started shooting my load into her mouth and the back of her throat.


Right there baby keep going ohhhhh fuck I'm cumming baby lick all my juices up. This guy now owns me. When I thought I couldn't get worse, I felt the cock in my throat dislocate the bones in my neck. We drove on over, got there, parked, headed in, and found our crowd of friends.

Despite knowing this, and despite her desire to will herself to think differently, she just couldn't see it as wrong. What's that. "Yes he is, he's such a good boy!" She leaned and kissed Kathy and said "Come with me. I started to moan under his touch and my kissing became more aggressive as my cock throbbed and my balls tightened.

He gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned to leave, "See you tomorrow" he winked and walked off, I couldn't help get a slight boner as I watched his cute ass join his friends and my mind strayed to what we would get up to the next day. The room now looked like a large white marble amphitheater with a half circle moat in front of the bottom seat.

When Julie was changing I took photos of her C cup boobs, and clean shaven pussy.

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Gardasho 10 months ago
We have a legal immigration system for a reason.
Dami 10 months ago
A fairy tale.
Kikus 10 months ago
For Trump? Yes, it is amazing that he even knew there WAS a War of 1812. Now ask him when it was fought.
Zudal 10 months ago
Other than calling them a cult and proposing to "shut them down" (neither of which is helpful), what have you come up with?
Bralkis 10 months ago
Lol... that's like comparing osteotomy with a dichotomy.
Vudomi 10 months ago
So, nothing to offer to help him prepare.... gotcha. So if you were in his situation you be smart enough to do "anything" but have no idea what that is.
Mugal 9 months ago
He would have a soul patch if he were. And a man-bun.
Dugami 9 months ago
Elementary Sherlock Holmes
Taunos 9 months ago
I never said anything about "deserved." I said something about them not being "disarmed."
Sacage 9 months ago
The US needs to be sidelined from global summits until it comes to its senses and gets this world-wrecker outta office. It would be in the US?s best interests.
Muzil 9 months ago
That the resurrection completely negates the sacrifice.
Zulrajas 8 months ago
Same here. my dad's turning 91 next week. Makes my blood boil.
Dulrajas 8 months ago
Yes then no
Jukasa 8 months ago
I am not hiding? feel free to google me, just add openeye on to the end... And it is 100% factually correct, you are a racist / white supremacist, are you actually going to deny it? you realise all your previous comments on disqus are public?
Feshura 8 months ago
now I feel foolish cuz I love spinach omelettes
Mezijar 8 months ago
Ive had people tell me
Tygogore 7 months ago
I do have more love. I just don't have that big a family I actually care about.
Nigis 7 months ago
Let's debate that tomorrow
Nigor 7 months ago
Yeah so if that were true there would be at least one atheistic culture in history
Tajas 7 months ago
And a largely successful retrofit it is, no?
Grolkis 7 months ago
Just so you know, I'm not anti-2A at all. I firmly believe people have the right to defend themselves. I have no problem with people owning guns for self-defense and hunting. I just don't see the need for the average person to own a semi-auto.
Voodoojora 7 months ago
Even better when you find a stray cheeto you can munch on :)

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