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"Mwahahah! Then I will vote to take away yours first! Here I come Doug Ford! Put Jebus back in schools!"

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Tosida 1 year ago
..more like helping you pull the weeds out, though propaganda isn't bad if its coming from God. Gods not running for election or selling Himself...not if He is. It just is so, and we take it or leave it right? Go find out if its so. Use your brain and thoroughly test the prophecy as it says to
Dazragore 1 year ago
A theology where a creator God creates people with the capacity to disobey, then punishes the entire human race- potentially for all eternity through placement in a life after death eternal hell with or without flames (unless his savior son in accepted) - for a single instance of doing so, is heinous.
Faugal 1 year ago
you response is "SO"?? HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!
Najas 1 year ago
Typical unfounded bigotry of right-wing nutters.
Tojazragore 1 year ago
Well, one of those groups from the "other direction" happens to be Islam... Yes, Muslims here in America are putting on a good show of being meek, mild mannered, and peace loving, but that is only because they are a minority... Given time, in other words when they achieve a majority in an area, that will more than likely change.
Faubar 1 year ago
Oh going to write about the Great State of ME. (Maine)???
Shaktinos 1 year ago
So, Jesus Oking slavery is then godly? Good to know
Doum 11 months ago
Your insisting that the vast majority of Christians try to put words in your life shows your mind is closed. Sorry. Take a closer look at yourself.
Mull 11 months ago
Sjw. The atheists do not tend to flock , need to congregate to indicate or isolate in accommunity of similar beliefs. The skeptics may not even seek agreements as agreement is boring to disagreement, which is rather stimulating.
Nikoshura 11 months ago
Do you believe in transcendent, objective morality?
Arashizragore 11 months ago
But none are as clear as "torture them, the blame will all be theirs"
Kagasho 10 months ago
A small test for the cognitive capacity.
Yozshugul 10 months ago
Sin is only a sin according to your religious beliefs and those that follow them.
Zolocage 10 months ago
I cried too!! TWINSIES!
Tojadal 10 months ago
Do you realize that just because *you* can't fathom that GOD actually made people differently than you imagine, doesn't mean that what you think is correct?
Akinoshura 10 months ago
In this connection - not connected with or requiring anything paranormal, unnatural or supernatural.
Nesar 10 months ago
Hey! How are ya?
Mezijin 9 months ago
Go back to verse 23 if you want to know the context, and hence, the meaning of the passage. (hint: it's not anti-gay -- it's anti-idolatry)
Mezizil 9 months ago
I agree that women get the same message. In fact, the options pop culture presents to women for how to self-validate are even narrower than with men. But alienated frustrated young women don't go on shooting rampages. Obviously most sexually frustrated young men are not ticking time bombs, and just need some time to mature, but some of them erupt in violence and that's what we're talking about in this thread.

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