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"Nor should it! Religion and science have no way to inform each other. I think the point of this post is that anti-religiousness is a detriment to science, because it allows religion to influence science, even if by bias"

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Fautaur 10 months ago
Human often connect concepts that have nothing to do with each other, or are wildly contradictory.They like to use religion as an excuse for fears (sex education will convince my perfectly behaved children to have sex, and if we give them birth control, then, and only then will they have sex like wild monkeys says Mr. And Mrs. Ignorant of Realty)
Najas 10 months ago
NYC. The best city in the world.
Dougore 10 months ago
Gasp! Are you saying that religiously affiliated people believe in a god?!?! No way. Can't be.
Yozshulkree 10 months ago
And again, you're the one being intolerant. She wanted her legs waxed, not her genitals.
Maugor 10 months ago
Sorry about that, hang in there pal...
Taujinn 10 months ago
I mean if you are the airport with your spouse and there is an issue with the tickets...and he handles of you could be better with this
Nikodal 10 months ago
In my opinion they are all trying to say the same things but in different ways from different people, for different people. Especially when you really get to the heart of what they are pointing towards.
Baran 10 months ago
Haha this is one of the topics where I've gotten into debates on this channel before. I do think there's a respectful and acceptable way (as well as many unacceptable ways)to pursue when interest is there but maybe not enough to get an immediate yes. I'd miss out on entire relationships if guys didn't think my first impression of them could ever be improved lol.
Mikus 9 months ago
I mean I went because it was expected of me to go. It was 100 degrees and outside. My parents left midway without me to get lunch LOL
Aragore 9 months ago
So? explain the rest of society who do just as much damage.
Doukazahn 9 months ago
So what. It was close to a record May here.

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