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"Stop sounding so reasonable, lol. Surely, it makes more sense he's some bumbling fool that accidentally succeeded here and there and somehow got to be President. Maybe he's Mr Magoo, lmao. He's apparently also a mastermind criminal that they just can't catch, no matter how many millions they spend trying. Totally Mr Magoo, must be. Lol"

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When she realized k was awake she just looked up at me and winked as she couldn't smile with my balls stuffed in her mouth. "Uuuhh.

Soul snatcher

I have to admit that last night was the most real pleasure I've had in a long time. I don't want to streak the campus," I protested.

I just stood there frozen like a statue, refusing to believe what I had just witnessed. Her tongue swirled around the oragsm head and played Lsdy the oozing opening, sucking up Sean's precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw.

And then I untied her arms and tied them behind her back. " Harry said, trying to discourse her. Sally was standing behind Kevin, and when he sat down, I could now see a clear profile of her breasts. "Oh fuck!. I walked inside and went down the hall to her room.

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Gara 1 year ago
I didn?t mean to infer ?all?.
Kagabei 1 year ago
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Grojora 1 year ago
No I don't see any moral designation. What do you mean, in any case, by 'moral' designation? What are you sensing exactly when you say 'moral' wisdom?
Vorg 1 year ago
Thanks for the blue pills Yvonne!
Vudoshicage 1 year ago
Evolution doesn't happen at all, and never did. Speciation is NOT evolution.
Taulabar 1 year ago
I consider belief in something on faith to be stupid. That encapsulates pretty much all religions.
Nikonris 1 year ago
If they don't want to go through a pregnancy, then there's an easy way for them to stop getting pregnant. No sexual intercourse.
Nikoran 1 year ago
Yes, as in essences or blueprints. The building is "form as essence" until it is constructed, when it becomes "form as palpable thing", the material expression of the original form/essence.
Ditilar 1 year ago
There has to be a limit, otherwise it's just a sea of naked bodies. Which isn't terrible but you really can't get anything accomplished.
Vudorn 1 year ago
What does that say about the countless Trump supporters with regular memes posted here Sling Blade? You?re so fucking dumb you can?t even recognize blatantly obvious traits that define your mouth breather demographic. ;)
Nara 1 year ago
Not sure I follow

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