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"LOL I'm like that when other people drive, but when I drive "GO SPEEDRACER, GO!""


She still refused so I slapped her other tit and started rubbing my pussy against her face. Bob's eyes twinkled as he stroked my shoulder length hair and rubbed the floppy hood of his cock across my face and lips.

I had anticipated this reaction Fullt caught her wrist in mid-air. Joe was just the right size for pleasure and she was definitely feeling that as he kept pumping her large ass with regular strokes, and she was responding to him with her own thrusts back onto his cock.

So again I asked, "Why?" This time Melody told me peiengs about the twenty-one-year-old Greek God that was running the aerobic class. No one spoke so he assumed that they had no better option for how to reveal themselves to the world. I moved the head of Steve's penis backwards and forwards along the wet, gaping hole, teasing the prominent clitoris that stood out hard and proud.

Les shuffled the cards and dealt out our first hand. " She smiled happily. So she turned around again and sucked every nakedd drop out of my huge erect cock. I took one breath and returned to thumping, pumping, floating land.

She lets out a massive scream for being so tight. She stiffened and became wide-eyed.

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Jum 1 year ago
Your family situation isn't really something you can keep on the down-low (and if you try, that's a whole separate issue altogether).
Dule 1 year ago
Nice post but......The Cannibals were not the Israelites. Those who entered into the Law Covenant were not the ones mentioned in Deuteronomy, Kings, Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel who ended up cannabilizing their youth. Those were the Pagans who did nothing but harm to those professing God and following his Laws.
Fenrik 1 year ago
Well, you are certainly making these comments fun. I love music &
Kajizilkree 1 year ago
"Booty, rape, and the delight of
Mezijin 1 year ago
Get rid of the literal interpretation of both and keep both out of government.
Kazirr 1 year ago
the soul is a chrstian construct. There is no evidence that one exists
Tuzilkree 1 year ago
first one, was on the pill...18 and horny..born at 22 weeks, still born.
Yonris 1 year ago
There is much evidence for creationism
Yozshule 1 year ago
You are mistaking hope with logic.
Gagami 1 year ago
You should identify as a dim bulb white man. That would be spot on.
Tazragore 1 year ago
At the dump
Dorr 1 year ago
Tell me more. You might actually get something right (which you haven't here).
Shagal 1 year ago
Nope he is lying for Jesus. Christian mole. In his blog he thinks he has facts that prove Jesus existed. Really? Where are they?
Akikazahn 1 year ago
Faith doesn't make something a religion! What makes you think something like that?
Tuktilar 1 year ago
?which seems to acknowledge that there are other gods. At least, in the minds of his audience.
Dout 11 months ago
The Red Cross was not and is not a Christian organisation. It is completely secular.
Fenrisho 11 months ago
On what grounds, out of interest?
Sajinn 11 months ago
Damned if you do and damned if you don?t.
Dar 11 months ago
"Science" is just a tool. It's a collection of knowledge of the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation. It doesn't decide anything. People could decide any number of things in the future. As I don't see into the future I wouldn't know what those decisions could be.
Guktilar 11 months ago
Yes it is so why take the little ones away from the parents?
Daizragore 10 months ago
Lmao oh my
Maukus 10 months ago
...besides, you don't take in account mutations over time. We all know mutations accumulate over generations. That said, the original code would have to be ...a better copy. Who knows how that would effect things geh. Right?
Julmaran 10 months ago
Ah. That would make sense. From Britannia Minor. They could arguably have been a going thing in the North of Gaul. (Going enough to put together a supporting army)
Shaktilar 10 months ago
NO WAY!!!! Booze and sex were common during the Klondike Gold Rush?!?! Oh, my virgin ears!!!! \s
Nikozahn 10 months ago
Please identify who these men are
Samutilar 10 months ago
I s?t?a?l?k? check up on him sometimes but he hasn't commented anywhere in a while.

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