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"So, what does it take and what doesn't he have? You make so many claims yet, have no CREDIBLE facts or evidence to back them."

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Was he just checking me out. bdquo;Is that what you call begging?" WHACK.

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I was kind of relived in that it seemed like what it sure looked like was going to happen wasn't. Of everyone inside the mansion, Samantha hated Jalil by far the most. She licked and kissed at the head for a while and then tried to take it into her mouth.

He slapped my ass and then Mistress held my cheeks open as Master slowly slid the next plug in. She smiled and said that she merely wanted to give me something to think about. "We will have to do this again," I whispered in her ear.

She was quirky, cute and silly so I was immediately attracted to her mind and body. It would commit rape, and anal, both crimes at the time, it would strangle men to death in their beds and then rape their wives, then their daughters and strangle their sons while they slept, he was the boogeyman in his time.

Eventually the band we came to see was getting ready to go on, and several of us (Nancy included) raced over to the part of the club where the view was better. "I don't think you can save that one, Doc," Mary said sadly.

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Groramar 1 year ago
KD. You may believe as you like I think that Acts 9:1-21 and Corinth. 12:7 and the two conflicting stories of his blindness regarding the duration of the affliction , seeing and hearing things suggest to me that he was prone to seizures and strokes .
Nanris 1 year ago
Ducage 1 year ago
well,as he plans to incapacitate himself with drugs and alcohol (great combo)..she won't have to insist. He'll find out what happened when he wakes up.
Shakanris 1 year ago
If only sociologists agreed with you.
Dukree 1 year ago
Interesting, though he's probably just reading about it like the rest of us are.
Akinolmaran 1 year ago
No, it's take away your power.
Yozshukinos 1 year ago
Men that turn everything into a sexual joke make my butt itch.
Meziran 1 year ago
You want him working? Think about that again. I?m always surprised when the ?not my president? crowd wants him in the White House working on his agenda.
Faujas 1 year ago
How then do we deal with SS. Medicare and Medicaid which are going bankrupt? Why is it that those three programs which have DIRECT taxation (payroll taxes) and are going broke yet welfare with NO direct taxation never runs out of money?
Akinogal 1 year ago
I see what you did there! lol
Dut 1 year ago
Jesus was not created: John 1: 1-3.
Malazil 1 year ago
Being born gay isn't "temptation" any more than having green eyes is "temptation".
Mikalar 1 year ago
I do thank you for your kind words. She is doing great, is in a great relationship and though she still suffers at times? I am always there for my baby girl.
Nim 1 year ago
Wouldn't you have an easier time if the premise was "What crimes has Doug Ford been accused of?"
Mill 1 year ago
You're kind of ignoring a lot of education we actually get to train us to be good. What if parents didn't teach children to do good things? What would happen?
Tygoll 1 year ago
This is so silly. I wouldnt apologize either.
Aragal 1 year ago
No reason or evidence to think some Christian god did it.
Faull 1 year ago
The author is saying that this version of a god is too stupid to understand basic science. The earth was not formed in the beginning. It didn't form until 9,000,000,000 years passed since the singularity began expanding.
Doll 11 months ago
SQUEEEEEEEE!! This is too cute!!
Gujind 11 months ago
Much like the Western Universities, unfortunately. Ask Lindsay Shepherd.
Doktilar 11 months ago
PROOF the pres has the intellect of a 6th grader from a failing school.
Tojadal 11 months ago
"We know where spiderman is supposed to live, not the Creator."
Yozshur 11 months ago
So far as has been researched yeah.
Mezigore 11 months ago
Global warming causes cooler temperatures according to Al Gore!
JoJorg 11 months ago
It's good to hear you say that; I agree. Far too often, I think that many of the atrocities attributed to God (and even some of the so-called "words" of God) were actually the words and actions of very, very fallible men... struggling to figure it all out and find their way closer to a relationship with God.
Juzragore 11 months ago
I see them labeled as mythology all the time.
Nikorisar 10 months ago
Zulkilar 10 months ago
RA1. ?So you admit having no scientific qualifications, you are incompetent to opine on any scientific matter.? I don?t remember admitting that ar all. It seems to be a false assumption on your part.
Gam 10 months ago
<------Itchy butt maker
Virn 10 months ago which the husbands and some of the wives quietly masturbated in their bathroom before expressing their 'outrage'.
Yora 10 months ago
"So, Muslims are allowed to refuse to sell forks to a restaurant that serves pig? Or Hindus can refuse to sell forks to the owner of a steakhouse?"
Faukora 9 months ago
10,000? I guess you leave out the Indian Gods. When it boils down to it though there are only 2 religions that have a shot at being true, Judaism or Christianity.
Zulkilmaran 9 months ago
No, your concept of God is not my concept of God. Your God seems to be an entity with character. My God is Inifintie, and all that is.
Makus 9 months ago
Who cares? He's not POTUS.
Faushicage 9 months ago
Strippers and blow?

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