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""If you worked harder, you wouldn't be poor. But anyway, here's some soup so I get into Heaven.""

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Joe laughed and walked over to sit beside Jill and started talking to her. "Welcome and thank you all for coming," he said leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees and his chin on his entwined hands. She can feel my cock start twitching inside her fertile pussy.

My ass cheeks were tingling and I knew at this point they were turning a nice pink. The bastards were dosing me big time. bdquo;Is that what you call begging?" WHACK. I ignored her and started falling asleep.

Prlductions turned and headed for the door and walked out without another word. In my haste I forgot to lock the door. There was a sliding sensation and a jerk and they were standing in the center of his bedroom.

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Nikotilar 1 year ago
Yes they do. Religious freedom applies to all. Muslims who take their bosses to court for wanting to wear their headscarves have won their cases and are allowed to wear their headscarves. I can go on and on and on but I will stop here. As I recall there have always been signs on doors of businesses that read: ?We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.?
Faejora 1 year ago
I defend religious liberty.
Fenrinris 1 year ago
Fanatics of all types are totally absorbed in the belief they are right. To oppose them only strengthens their beliefs, as it fuels their commitment to their viewpoint.
Nat 1 year ago
then you are a believer?
Tunris 1 year ago
Did you vote for Obama? Why? He could pardon himself.
Mikinos 1 year ago
I really want to go off on my husband's boss right now. Lol
Gonos 1 year ago
Wow you are a demented individual.
Migar 1 year ago
I haven't yet. I don't get to the theatre much anymore. I usually have to wait until stuff hits Redbox. : /
Yozshugore 1 year ago
The Religion channel, aka ATHEISTS R US, is very intolerant.
Daidal 1 year ago
yes they do and they should use it
Yozshukasa 1 year ago
who's speaking about guilt? Since youve introduced it...maybe point it out to me.
Kitaxe 1 year ago
Only anecdotal but it was above average here every day in May except 2. 3rd warmest May on record. Water temperature in a local lake rose 10?F in one week.
Kezil 11 months ago
Believers are hilarious. Some days, they try to disguise the fact that religion is just a form of politics with elaborate arguments about first causes, prime movers, free will, divine plans, etc.
Mikaktilar 11 months ago
I don't watch it. I'm just concerned about all of the poor lefties who do watch it and then believe everything they hear.
Tolkree 11 months ago
Exactly ?as long as there have been politics ?
Bataxe 10 months ago
Vaccines are estimated to have saved the lives of millions. Millions still die around the world because they didn't vaccinate.
Doujin 10 months ago
I just find it funny that people are so outraged by what SHE said, but those same people couldn't care less that their president was caught talking about grabbing women by the crotch.
Akinobei 10 months ago
You didn't answer the question. Targeting is specific and his actions were general. If his goal was to kill Christians a church would have provided a far more favorable venue.
Fenrirr 10 months ago
Yep! This has to be more than a one state problem.
Mile 10 months ago
What I'm doing isn't defending Islam, Gillette. I'm defending the innocent and attacking blatant hypocrisy and greed. The President is trying to ban ALL Muslims from America. That's by his own words.
Muzragore 10 months ago
when jealous danger approaches, yo flick over and then back into their eyes, and yo laser in. only their eyes,, and you look for the beauty in them. and you tell them how much you love them, and how much you appreciate them and the things they do. and you give them a loving hug.
Aracage 10 months ago
How conveniently vague.
Yojinn 10 months ago
>>"?What makes this ?celebration? different or problematic??
Kazikasa 10 months ago
Oh, just participating in the thread w/my parameters for why I wouldn't date someone. Lighten up,snowflake
Dojora 9 months ago
You know who Jesus was, right?
Juzil 9 months ago
Actually he was a chef who commented on life and food around the world. He made more money than you, and paid more in taxes and that qualified him to put his 2 cents in just like anyone here. He saw Trump for the bloated puss bag he is who destroyed Atlantic City and spoke about it. Atlantic City is where America is headed so you bettet get used to it.
Mikacage 9 months ago
Do you have any evidence that conscientiousness arouse from an evolutionary process? The answer to that is no since we are having this conversation. So the best natural theory is that conscientiousness arose through evolutionary process the problem is there is not enough time in the universe for this to take place. So to make the point you will say well we must have had enough time because we are here. This is a false conclusion but the only conclusion you can draw since your world view does not allow you to fathom anything outside of what we can observe and test. This then leads back to the my original statement we can't test or observe God Hate Faith. Since you cannot be observed in your own mind and you cannot be separated from you mind and observed outside of your body. So in essence there is no way to naturally prove you are you and you exist.
Maum 9 months ago
You wouldn't be complaining so much if that money were coming to you. Solar panels are the technology of the future. Progress doesn't consider the human inconvenience factor.
Shaktijora 8 months ago
Dear me, you have got your knickers in a twist, haven't you. I am answering the question posed in the OP and just for your information I have never voted for a Tory party in my life.

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