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"Another example of the double standard in the MSM."

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Every time I squeezed, she gave a little yelp and soon, her nipples became bright red and sensitive. She never wanted to actually have sex, but I didn't really care because she knew how roqd deep throat my big cock and she was never oick about taking my load all over her face or down her throat.

I'll try and give you a few ideas of what I would like to see if you don't know how to start things off, but in the end it's up to you what happens.

" "She cheated on me. Nothing intimate, until Julie made the move to grab Chloe's ass cheek. Then her curiosity got the best of her and she knew she had to try.

I walked her to my car and I opened the door and slid her in on the passenger side. " Poor Maria guessed what I was up to (little did she know that I had far worse things planned than she could imagine) and broke down weeping.

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Kazrasida 9 months ago
Yet you keep responding, and repeating baseless claims.
Tusar 8 months ago
I'm not saying that being an Atheist automatically turns you into a killer, but it's a motivating factor (or lack of motivating factor--how every you want to look at it) to slide into immoral territory. It's kinda like not having your parents around, so you kinda throw a party and wreck the house.
Kazira 8 months ago
Yeah? So show me the data that indicates a man was not formed in clay
Mazudal 8 months ago
Sigh ok you are trolling and not looking to be educated. As always. I am done feeding toy son
Meztiktilar 8 months ago
agreed but if you decide to do a kind act for purely selfless reasons, is that not always objectively moral? Even if your act of kindness somehow offends or affects another, does that change the morality of the deed?
Kesho 7 months ago
Plenty of black people do achieve their goals, despite the racism. Problem is, even when they do, you won't acknowledge it. But there are plenty of blacks not achieving their goals because of racist like you. But its okay. We know who our enemies are. Thanks for identifying yourself.
Mitaur 7 months ago
Jeff offered a USA Today article saying:
Kiran 7 months ago
You can't base a belief in something. You would base it ON something.
Muhn 7 months ago
House hunting and work. ugh!
Bakus 7 months ago
I am very glad you're not in charge. That may work in a big city where there are lots of choices, but anybody who refuses to serve a segment of society should not be allowed a business license. It's been done, and it was wrong.
Namuro 6 months ago
Hugs for the anxiety. Some siblings may need a good choke slam. If you made the cupcakes, they will leave like hotcakes.
Zulkigal 6 months ago
I used to have 1978 VW van with the extended hardtop roof.
Mole 6 months ago
Why yes, RUDY, prove what you spewed.
Tygorn 6 months ago
God/Jesus can't forgive without being asked? I have forgiven people that didn't ask for it. Does that make me better than the Christian god or Jesus?
Kigakasa 6 months ago
I got it (finally) lol. I was responding from notifications vs reading along the thread. MRGA indeed?? I deserved that poke
Shashakar 6 months ago
It's too convenient, isn't it? And the progs continually claim to have no bias. Just a sad state of affairs.
Yorn 6 months ago
They will be gallons of tears available for some time to come.
Shakazahn 5 months ago
It's what Putin's handlers paid for....
Najas 5 months ago
Humanity seems to be doing quite nicely except for a few psychopaths who want to change things in accordance with their own personal druthers and profit.
Tushicage 5 months ago
"It is an act of virtue to deceive and to lie, when such means can promote the interest of the Church". Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea.

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