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"Internet service people are so hard to deal with. You were right to yell LOL I have done so as well. I remember once we ordered service and we waited all day and they had the nerve to call at 9, saying they couldn't do it...I mean what"

Don Gags me, fucks me and creampies me / Nina Rivera

Both my mother and my sister were standing in the doorway watching me pee. If a guy lets you go then he is a neanderthal and doesn't know what he is missing out on.

Don Gags me, fucks me and creampies me / Nina Rivera

Please do it again. He'd only stayed with Ginny so as not to break up his family, knowing that his children should have Softcorf normal family, a happy' mother and father. I turned around and slyly said "I didn't tell you all of my secrets.

Chithi veedu chennaila irunthathu. "I mean I love you like a man loves a woman and I have for years. Enda mapillaya kanala athuthan nee irukeye.

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JoJotaur 1 year ago
That?s what I almost said: I always never bother cleaning up before I have guests over.
Goltizahn 1 year ago
Hmm. If you're drilling as far down as questioning whether gravity and physics are real, well, it's not impossible - very little is outright impossible - but it doesn't leave us much to work with. Physics has been poked and prodded from all sorts of angles for a millennia and it's held up. At this point I'd be leery to say it's not real without some strong evidence to the contrary.
Nikokazahn 1 year ago
If I made a claim there were cases of some kind of subject you didn't know about, and you asked for sources, I'd show them.
Golar 1 year ago
Really good advise
Dukora 1 year ago
The problem lies within ones self, perception is everything.
Fejora 1 year ago
I can, but you will ignore it and post some debunked anti-gay group. But here you go
Fenrigul 1 year ago
Did the sun ever revolve around the earth? If it didn't, as we all well now know, it WAS a misinterpretation of an observation, and never a "fact".
Vizil 1 year ago
Can you give one example of a clear piece of misinformation?
Judal 1 year ago
Or at least dead and gone for eternity.
Vudokasa 1 year ago
It?s a win/win!
Moogushakar 1 year ago
Or praying at the beginning of school events...

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