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"Tell us about "laws of science" as opposed to "theory," please."

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He took his member out of her as she slipped to the ground it stood over her in triumph. Well, given Mary's strategy, I guess it would be easy to keep folding junk hands. Ragged breathing and flicking and swaying tongues bring a fiery heat to the chilling ocean air.

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' The two boys didn't need to be asked twice, and soon we began round two. Before either one of us could reach a climax I called it off.

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There was a great variety from black holes to flumes and rapids to racers, not to mention the huge pool and numerous hot tubs. She pushed up my skirt and caressed my underwear covered ass.

Unfortunately, she probably wouldn't be happy if he locked her in a tower and bought Norbert from the Dragon Reserve to guard it, so he knew he would have to deal with it eventually.

She had large dark aureoles with nice big nipples poking towards the sky on twin mounds of soft flesh. Ginger still had Maxturbation arms around Jill and as Jill turned, Ginger's arms slid a little lower and she felt the hair on Gingers pussy brush against her fingers.

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Kigagami 1 year ago
Shakespeare's presentation of evil and good is pretty subtle and complicated. There aren't any evil characters who are just... evil in his work. They've all got rationale, and justifications for what they are doing.
Kazijora 1 year ago
H didnt make them that way, things have happened to them that have made them that way.
Fenrigul 1 year ago
They wanted to make sure their demo was juuusssttt right!
Fauzuru 1 year ago
If you have a stance on the philosophy of mathematics and it's potential discovery or invention; it would really lead to a more meaningful discussion. As far as my comment of quadratic equations I hear those like you, cliam god is only in the bible, to which I disagree.
Gazragore 1 year ago
Gullah has a written language?
Goltizil 1 year ago
Yep same, no thanks
Teshakar 1 year ago
Pfft. Oh, I can debate it. The problem is your tribe can?t come up with facts.
Moogule 1 year ago
Your idea of doing well is mass poverty and stsrvation. Spread of hate and discrimination by cultists
Voodootaxe 1 year ago
Her "what-if" argument is nothing more than: "If my aunt had balls, she's be my uncle"
Kazirn 1 year ago
Obviously all those supposed physical miracles are metaphors, religious allegory, as is 99% of the rest of the Bible. But getting back to Jesus, whether the historical Jesus existed, I am pointing out that if "Jesus" means the dude who came up with the teachings of the "Word", then we certainly know that person existed, since we know those teachings were floating around as an oral tradition and were being attributed to someone who was claimed to have existed by the name of "Jesus" prior to they being written down within a hundred years of the Jesus character's supposed historical existence. Correct?
Visar 1 year ago
What does it mean to live a Christian life?
Arazahn 1 year ago
I see, so if the Arabs and Muslims from surrounding countries, the UN...."stay out of the conflict", Palestinians will suddenly/magically recognize Israel's right to exist and stop terrorizing Israel?
Tajind 1 year ago
Quotes are words only. Look at someone's actions. Then look at what is practical. Children are born with empathy. Hatred is learned. We reward poor behavior with power, money and sex which then tells people what is really valued by society. Life is a competition. Nice guys do finish last. There is a reason for that. It is steeped in our DNA and thousands to millions of years of evolution. Alphas control the betas. Rare is an alpha that gets to the top by being nice or playing by the rules. Think of life like a game. The goal is to win and acquire the most property, money etc. The goal of a game is never to just play nice with no winners and no losers.
Arasar 1 year ago
Bullshit. Why the pathological need to lie?
Guzuru 1 year ago
I'm not "blaming" her. I'm saying its disingenuous to make money off of keeping it in the public's eye for 10 years and then turning around and complaining that it's all anyone knows her for.

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