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"I think they were even referred to as Chrestians. Chrestus means sort of good."

Youre 18 Right? (PMV)

LD ERECTION: 3. Mapillaiyathan kanala. Then Steve got back onto the rear seat with Lisa straddling him and she sank onto his cock.

Youre 18 Right? (PMV)

"Let's go get some dinner. She just had a way of being able to get me off "Slurp it all up!" As if she didn't know. He had a low compelling voice. Lisa seemed to sense this and lifted herself off Steve and as I looked at his thick pulsing cock waiting for me, the jealousy quickly vanished and I climbed on to him and impaled myself.

We kiss passionately again, setting fire to my lunges and finally settle down for rest.

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Mor 1 year ago
Not trying to derail the discussion--seriously.
Vojin 1 year ago
Hmmm, if one uses Wisdom, one finds out there was no Solomon. Right, Athena?
Voodooshakar 1 year ago copied my previous comment and asked who wrote it. That?s not a description, it?s a question. Do you understand the difference?
Mabar 1 year ago
The graphomania wasn't mine. Read carefully.
Maulrajas 1 year ago
Yes, because she has Native American ancestry, that isn't the same thing as Claiming and receiving benefits from Native American as your race.
Daimuro 1 year ago
You are a non denominational christian. Yes, you are religious. But you clearly don't follow dogma. And you certainly don't seem to know your own holy books very well to have such outlandish thoughts on your faith. Not to mention wholly unique, and not in the good way.
Tell 1 year ago
Oooh. what's it called?
Arashitaxe 1 year ago
The blue is mold. I guess when it gets fuzzy it has gone bad.
Vokazahn 1 year ago
They aren't hard questions and the answers are simple. You simply lack the understanding necessary to comprehend them.
Kit 1 year ago
Lately everything I do reminds me of my ex. We live in a small city and explored a lot of it together. I feel like I need to leave town to really get over it.
Maudal 1 year ago
So all virgins are innocent of the Christian doctrine of original sin?
Sacage 11 months ago
Stopping illegal immigration, deporting all illegal immigrants, deporting immigrants comitting crimes, restricting access to permanent residence and citizenship, mandatory integration courses, and what's more important, treating Islam in the public sphere for what it is: a harmful totalitarian ideology. In this case devout Muslims won't be willing to relocate, and those who flee from Islamic totalitarianism won't have problem rejecting it.
Tarn 11 months ago
So then we agree entirely then. Schools are for education, not religion.
Shaktigul 11 months ago
If men could get pregnant, abortion wouldn't be an issue.

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