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170 11:108 months ago

"Good question as to what Trump will do. We'll discuss at the end of his presidency."

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I looked at the other end of my body to see one Wach the dogs just standing there. My hand was gripping it at the base, the head and most of the shaft still exposed.

I bit my lip and sipped from my glass of water. "And now comes the best part, that 'thing' in front of you is called a Sybian. Naanum avalai endi un milk bottles enna sollathu, yaravathu allu kidaichangalanu kindal pannuven.

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Dugore 8 months ago
Like I said I was not a perfect parent by any stretch, there were times I could and should have done a better job but some of these things a blind man could spot
Doukasa 8 months ago
Awesome, but she might be a bit young for the reference!
Grokus 7 months ago
Actually I have and it wasn't long before I could see more inflation for Ontarians....More foreign welfare paid for by Ontarians....More civil service employee's waiting to feast at the taxpayer trough....More debt...More restrictive taxes...Probable taxes on inheritances...Then I threw up and decided to vote for anybody but Andrea.
Shaktirr 7 months ago
No, that's rude. I'd be upset if a hot girl walked by and my husband turned away from me or ignored me to gawk at her. An appreciative glance is one thing, but we all have self-control.
Shakaktilar 7 months ago
It was fulfilled at the Cross.
Gardagrel 7 months ago
I knew you would not bother reading my reference and you apparently do not have one to back you claim OR opinion. Intellectually lazy and wilfully ignorant. You are correct in one regard:
Mooguramar 7 months ago
'Cause if you can dodge paying taxes, the next thing you want to do is get away from paying rent!
Daikasa 7 months ago
You are just doing it again. I am an atheist but I do not fall into your stereotype. The worst I have ever said is that no human has it right.
Kigam 7 months ago
Obama did bankrupt the USA, had the ONLY credit down grade in history for the USA. Good to know someone who had been there, done that, clawed his way back to the top is now in charge.
Vojora 6 months ago
Or got paid to do so...
Bagore 6 months ago
I am confused as to whom you consider to be the OP.
Kazrabei 6 months ago
..they consider each species a star within a galaxy. Each galaxy is separate, no intermediates and all life is almost identical genetically to each...within their group
Samudal 6 months ago
Finally a full time green energy job maybe?
Grokora 5 months ago
Religion is a place of bondage. So i am not religious because i am not in bondage to "their" lies and doctrines.
Mazuramar 5 months ago
Read the discussions...
Migor 5 months ago
The difference between dcleve's presentations and yours is that in general he makes cogent arguments for his positions. Some tend towards the non-falsifiable and therefore are difficult/impossible to refute, but in general I concede that he's well researched his positions.
Kazizahn 5 months ago
Bertrand Russell said of George Santayana, "He believes, "There is no God, and Mary is His Mother" ".
Dobar 5 months ago
Trump needs the dark lord to continue his "Make A$$holes Grand Again" plan.
Kazidal 5 months ago
I don't know where you got "lickspittles" from and I doubt that you could establish any kind of concrete association between Trump and these "lickspittles" outside of skin color, but I agree with you 100% that we should treat him exactly as he treats unarmed blacks.
Kajikree 5 months ago
Ooooo dont look at me like that????
Kajijinn 4 months ago
It was funny how they tried to HIDE their dismay from a blind guy >.>
Taushicage 4 months ago
I would never want someone who has contempt for me making me anything.
Kagazil 4 months ago
Be in control of their government, of course.
Mikamuro 4 months ago
Lol then he's got much bigger problems. Still, I doubt she'd tell him if that was the nature of the meeting.
JoJot 4 months ago
What does her basement look like, and does she have a basement, or talk about basements? Don't go in it, if so.
Nisida 4 months ago
3-peat is a start
Kajikus 4 months ago
Nonsense. The results were negative. That's all that matters.
Vudojora 4 months ago
And you're just as guilty as me or the next person for what happened to them. As in, we aren't guilty for what happened.
Tojam 4 months ago
I always thought god was like the worst creator ever. He made us, told us straight away we are useless than threatens eternal punishment for sinning when he set it up so it's impossible NOT to sin

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