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"Well, two weeks of Clippers predraft workouts and I'm going on vacation."

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Chocolate – An Ebony PMV Compilation

Suddenly, he pulls his fingers out, making the world crash down on me and leaving me begging for more. The agents looked hazze each other clearly uncomfortable but trying to hide it now.

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Kigar 9 months ago
You were rude to me without knowing what you were talking about. That's why I responded the way I did.
Nesar 9 months ago
an exception to prove the rule. and ottoman history has ebbs and flows of fundamental fervor
Kizragore 9 months ago
I think it was in the future the guy was from, Lemons were incredibly rare, and the earth was shattered and the only produce grown was in greenhouse style farms. Food was, indeed, a currency.
Nijind 9 months ago
Maybe what was started as a Christian moral was used elsewhere.
Mashicage 9 months ago
Well there is rational logic based on science or experience (gravity works, if I drink dirty water I will likely regret it, a red stove burner is hot, the earth orbits the sun, ....), then there is irrational logic (the earth is flat, voodoo works, astrology predicts my future, holy books, ...).
Dokinos 8 months ago
so, no one.
Dimi 8 months ago
The "10 Commandments" are merely a SMALL PART of the Law Covenant made with Isreal. There were over 600 Laws they agreed to to govern their nation by.
Fejar 8 months ago
The comments I responded to was a meme .
Daitaxe 8 months ago
A man believes them you say? Well, this changes everything!
Gardat 7 months ago
No, mine's a slow nod to signify I completely understand.. and what you're droning on about is the lamest thing I've heard in months! They always buy the wise nodding bit.
Kazirisar 7 months ago
Why do you troll these boards without ever presenting an argument?
Akinonris 7 months ago
Yeah, if those blacks had just accepted their place in society we could have all just gone along our merry way (I say sarcastically). Things were so much better then...for WASPs.
Tanos 7 months ago
The value judgment we make about the consequences are not objective.
Meztigis 6 months ago
Kneeling in prayer (and this is coming from an atheist who thinks those prayers are stupid.)
Vudokasa 6 months ago
You call him a "he".
Tygolkis 6 months ago
Already addressed below.
Shanos 6 months ago
Again, not even close:
Mashura 6 months ago
How dare you judge trilobites! /s
Zolorg 6 months ago
"Hands up, don't shoot," is an example. Even "reporters" on mainstream "news" media spent time holding up their hands in support of that lie.
Shaktik 6 months ago
It?s completely off topic.
Arashibar 5 months ago
I agree with the point you're making, but one correction: According to Hitler himself, he was a Roman Catholic, and believed he was doing what "God" told him to do. I wouldn't classify him as an atheist.
Mukazahn 5 months ago
Just because life has no inherent meaning doesn't mean life is pointless. We are all free to find meaning wherever and however we want. That's a good thing. If you want to spend your life in intellectual servitude to false beliefs, groveling to an imaginary deity go right ahead. Morality is objectively based on the value of human life itself. Whatever harms or destroys human life is considered "bad" or "evil" and that which protects and enhances life is considered "good." This leads to a far more compassionate and rational system than that of a deity whose whims cannot be understood and who is not constrained in any manner by the commands he gives to others. Your morality is subjective to the extreme because it is established by a being whose motives and very nature are absolutely beyond human comprehension which makes it impossible to discern any moral law beyond, ?God wills it.?
Kaktilar 5 months ago
Because he was not on their radar - most historical people weren't written up in history that has actually survived to the present day. but of course there is a heap of other evidence, such as the existence of the Christian church. You are dwelling in cranksville, and would do much better to go with expert opinion.
Mezik 5 months ago
You can say I'm wrong, but I'm not being dishonest.
Meztile 5 months ago
It's the same as far as I'm concerned. I just want it out of government, that's all.
Molabar 4 months ago
And Mary was immaculately conceived which then moved the whole question to Anne her mother.
Vigami 4 months ago
Eventually, guys start worrying about consequences (pregnancy, std's, boiled bunnies, and such). Probably around 25 or so, but if everything else is cool, they're still pretty easy.
Mezragore 4 months ago
Bewbs are always the problem
Tojakree 4 months ago
Careful using the term fact when expressing an opinion
Goltikree 3 months ago
Ah, excellent troll technique. Double down, repurpose criticisms of your own bad behavior into accusations against your target, fail at every opportunity to back up your own claims, claim every defeat as victory. Confuse, conflate, and above all cop out. You've got it down, boyo.
Gagore 3 months ago
Yes. God has a problem with sex outside of a committed male/female marriage. Not a difficult concept.You've seen tons and tons of hypocritical Christians in your life.

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