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"I block people when I feel like it."

Scissor Sisters

The problem with having an almost completely corrupt society was nothing could be done unless you were really good at making things look like an accident. They looked soo dam fucking hot.

Scissor Sisters

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Vilar 11 months ago
I once held a grudge.
Kajira 10 months ago
No, you choose not to accept it. Typical.
Vudozuru 10 months ago
Well,unless you're a native American surely you have already left or are planning to leave the US.
Tor 10 months ago
dropping extracurricular activities like sports or other things that might keep them up late isn't going to help them get into college.
Guran 10 months ago
What's "military" about bonding mothers and fathers to the children they create together?
Arashisida 10 months ago
I see. So it is your position that there can be no belief in the "Abrahamic" God that doesn't involve a literal interpretation of the first few chapters of Genesis? On what do you base this?
Grora 10 months ago
Tarrifs never happen overnight. They take time to implement. We have known about this exemption for a long time. It is not a surprise. Now we are responding. You are just looking for a silly excuse to call the government "pansy".
Tojazshura 9 months ago
Was Genghis Khan the conqueror of Asia or a bisexual? Was James Buchanan a US President or a gay male? Was Charles Darwin an influential naturist or a straight male? The accomplishments of life are what matters. Careers, inventions, artistic creations, etc. Being gay is not an accomplishment.
Brakasa 9 months ago
In america we are in the process of bringing another smelter online. It has been off for 25 years. Those are real good paying jobs, not teenager partime jobs.
Naramar 9 months ago
I don't get it, are you having a problem with schools teaching education subjects to kids? Or do you have a problem taking out religious indoctrination and favoritism from schools?
Ganos 8 months ago
To late! Lol
Gardazahn 8 months ago
Late night sex is better than morning sex.
Vurg 8 months ago
My parents created me. Simple fact. Still waiting on your evidence
Dujind 8 months ago
I haven't commented at all on the articles nor really the OP so to assume I am saying something is beyond ridiculous, all I have ever done here is point out that you know nothing about what you are talking about in regards to evolution or anything pertain to or around it.
Bara 8 months ago
I can't be bothered to argue about it.
Malara 8 months ago
Penalties have nothing to do with the price of the properties, or how much he owed. Penalties are designed for - wait for it - punishing people and discouraging folks from not paying taxes. That's why they are called 'penalties'.
Vudotaur 7 months ago
The one thing you are forgetting is that it's actually the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Every nuclear reactor or atomic/nuclear bomb (they're different, you know. . .) literally converts matter into energy. Nagasaki, for instance, was the conversion of about a gram of mass into energy. Mostly, it was heat but it was also kinetic energy, gamma and x-rays (both are photons. . .massless) and even the energy of the sound waves.
Nikozragore 7 months ago
Lol you have no authority. Your interpretion is nonsense.
Minos 7 months ago
I have no clue what you're talking about mate XD
Yozshura 7 months ago
Lol! They are awesome on hormonal days!
Sajas 6 months ago
Really? I didn't think I did a good job of hiding my feelings
Nikolrajas 6 months ago
Ella, good seeing you hanging out.
Moogugul 6 months ago
>>"What part of your statement is not "proof" then?"<<
Faejind 6 months ago
First, the article you referenced in one of the least educational pieces I've read. It is a rather self-refuting article. Not everything you read on the internet is true. For example his statement that "Atheism does have a positive position on the divine and the afterlife" it doesn't. A rejection of something is a negative position, not a positive one. A positive argument is one that asserts something as true for example, "The Beatles are the best band of all time". The negative position will counter this claim, usually with arguments as to why the Beatles aren't the best band of all time. Now if the person said instead, "The Rolling Stones are the best"...that would be a positive position, as the person refuting the Beatles argument made a counter positive claim. Atheists don't have an ideology that says, "Here's what is in the afterlife or divine". In fact, Atheism in general doesn't address this at all. Again, going with generalizations about atheists and trying to tie it back to atheism because a lot of atheists agree on certain points, doesn't make atheism a religion.
Bajar 6 months ago
You mean the starving kids that they didn't want on government subsidies?
Zolozuru 5 months ago
Mansplain that to an actual military member to their face just ONCE.
Nasida 5 months ago
> Without an explanation, that is a vacuous opinion.
Moogugis 5 months ago
Doesn't matter. Anyone or anything or any god. Why would god get a pass?

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