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"That's why I don't have any social networking accounts at all."

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Dashakar 3 months ago
That's the victim that survived 7 gun shot wounds and was the target of the shooter. I suggest reading the article first before commenting next time.
Meztitilar 3 months ago
That's cool. My only concern is living there during the remodel. Maybe if you can leave most things in storage they won't constantly be in your way.
Makinos 2 months ago
I mean I don?t know enough about photography but it sounded high to me too
Doujar 2 months ago
I'm a guy myself. I was simply raising a pseudo-philosophical question designed to make people think.
Akinogis 2 months ago
Second-amendment er ... supporter :)
Malagal 2 months ago
I never said evolution "proves" God does not exist, I said -as you said- evolution proves God is not necessary. Therefore evolution does have "something" to do with Gods existence, otherwise a belief in evolution would not be converting theists to atheists.
Murn 2 months ago
He tries so hard.
Voran 1 month ago
I noted in your history that you rely almost exclusively with theological reasonings and often ignore what the Scriptures actually say. You are one of a long line of people who receive their teachings from Wolves. Jesus warned about the Wolves and their misleading words. You are a victim of this and have yet to reach enlightenment. A Spiritually immature person. You are hardly feeding on Milk when Solid food is what is required. I wonder if maybe you are a teenager. Your views lead one to believe that.
Yozshur 1 month ago
I would be unhappy w/any religious instruction in public schools. I am also
Meztijar 1 month ago
You're giving far too much credit. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt and the ISA is too gullible to recognise it.
Malakinos 1 month ago
Mr. Pruitt is living free-range in you, yours and your handlers TDS affected cranium cradles. He will not be replaced and he is destroying the EPA from within. Mr. Pruitt is an American Hero with the full backing of America's Hero and Liberator POTUS Trump backing his every destructive actions against the EPA's holdover's beaurocracy. I hope you're enjoying to no ends watching you and yours world of delusion and illusion being torn apart day by day by POTUS Trump and friends.
Mazuzahn 1 month ago
As a Trump supporeter anything hard and the Clintons come up as supper relevent ??
JoJorn 1 month ago
I am not playing your goalpost shift son
Tusida 3 weeks ago
Really? What did the OP say that was so appalling that it would make gay kids want to commit suicide?
Malataxe 3 weeks ago
New rule: Whoever cleans the bathroom gets to determine the direction of the toilet paper roll. If you feel that strongly about it, you need to have some skin in the game.
Voshakar 1 week ago
Moogurn 5 days ago
Yeah, I'm sure he was just that, a great dreamer and visionary, the Chechen who knifed five people and killed one lady, last night in Paris. Really MAGICAL. He's now gone to his imaginary martyrdom paradise.
Dolmaran 1 day ago
First start by believing in Him; He?ll tell you where He lives.

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