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Vijora 1 year ago
"So you think God is a physical being and time dependent ? You know the time is a created entity, so where is God "before" creating the time?"
Faetilar 1 year ago
If (BIG IF) aliens actually exist. Unless and until they are detected, they remain unworthy of consideration. The same applies with all the millions of gods and goddesses.
Kajilkis 1 year ago
It was just a white lie. As we know Jesus went to hell (sheol, purgatory) after his death, so he couldn't be in heaven that day.
Aralrajas 1 year ago
Although all of Mr. Hovind's arguments can be torn asunder through simple reasoning there is no argument that can out-talk the slammer. The slammer wins.
Brabar 1 year ago
Are you into the new ideas and directions of evo, hgt symbiosis etc causing or replacing significant jobs of gradualism? Epigenetics and HGT large scale, almost on demand as needed.
Zoloran 1 year ago
leaving early. Saw Solo last night. Going to a concert tonight--Cheap Trick and Poison.
Arami 1 year ago
Its tease me Tuesday!
Braran 1 year ago
Historians don't write history by saying, "Oh, this source is tainted, so I'm going to ignore and dismiss it." Instead, we ask, "What can I learn about the past by studying this artifact that comes from it?" The Bible is a historical artifact like any other. Just because it isn't what believers claim it is doesn't mean there's nothing to learn about the past from it, or that it somehow constitutes inadmissible evidence in a historical debate.
Tauzuru 1 year ago
Jesus Christ never existed.
JoJoll 1 year ago
Maybe a simple google search could help you.
Faet 1 year ago
You're not good at being a disciple are you?
Sacage 1 year ago
Noble gave an obvious example, which is what what his whole quote is about -- another scientist saying that he can't agree with any proposal that lacks a full enough explanation as to explicitly exclude theist ideas. Gould brings atheism into it by talking about Dawkins, whose "self-styled Darwinian fundamentalism" is both reductionist and pretty clearly tied to his strong atheistic views.
Vudoramar 1 year ago
I did not know this.
Zulugami 1 year ago
It still remains today, but it can't be enforced today.
Arashilabar 1 year ago
The unicorn thing was an intentional false dichotomy used to highlight evidentiary shortcomings , but that's irrelevant. You stated that you see no evidence for unicorns even though you think Bible is evidence that other things are real. Well. . .are they real, or is the Bible wrong on this point?
Grok 1 year ago
The single commentators are virtually all right wing loons and Alt Facts deliverers. The in day panels are members of the Right Rah Rah JV teams. Not much polish there.
Kagabei 11 months ago
Theist do evil when they violate the law of God, atheist to evil when they feel like it because they don't believe there's any good or evil but most don't want to live outside of the society norms which by the way are framed within Judeo-Christian ethic. Richard Dawkins confesses there is no good or evil yet for a ordered society he's good with following Judeo-Christian ethic because he sees that it establishes a healthier and safer society.
Jushura 11 months ago
You are really too much, stop calling people names and think what you like. I?m not here to convert you. It is you who are looking for evidence to support your presuppositions. I said I knew something about it that?s all, and I am not pontificating. That?s what you?re doing. Even if the DNA did come back indicating a sexual predisposition were likely, that doesn?t mean it was inevitable and it should not make anyone want to abort a human life...that was all I was saying. Enjoy your superiority...perhaps it is you who is close minded and a bigot? I wish you well however.

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