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"I once lost a roll of film for 8 years after my daughter hid it in our car. And last night found a hammer in the boulevard shrub missing for a similar amount of time. I think it was the same culprit.. ??"

Trapped in a hellish paradise of continuous impregnating

" I came over and sat on the edge of her bed. Or at least that was what ehro was saying, especially Freddy who's cock she'd allegedly had her lips wrapped around.

Trapped in a hellish paradise of continuous impregnating

Krissy was moaning in delight as my cum was still coating her throat and dripping out of her mouth and down my cock to my balls. Holding her up by one hand, Jim pushed Kathy's bottoms out of the way, and shoved his shorts down enough to Giutar his straining cock.

And Chloe was getting frisky with her tongue trying to get her tongue down my throat. She still refused so I slapped her other tit and started rubbing my pussy against her face.

Chloe hardcore pushed the dildo in out of Julie's ass and Chloe was know intimately kissing JulieJulie's nipples. I took photos of course. My eyes had rolled back in tys skull and I was seeing nothing. Trevor was making sounds of exquisite pleasure.

She had a one story house, bricks on the side, at least 3 or 4 trees in the yard, and she lives on a corner of two streets.

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Kazrak 3 months ago
D. ( Edit:who is this we you keep referencing, I doubt if you are royalty and find the inappropriate use of ?we? as a personal reference as indicative of a psychological issue)
Nikojin 3 months ago
The free press in the US is to diverse to do much of anything together. They might adhere to the same standards of decency as everybody else, but that's about all. They all want to get the truth to people and know that if they lie other free press outlets will call them for it.
Gardashakar 3 months ago
no duration = no existence
Mauran 2 months ago
A trench coat should only be worn in conjunction with a well fitted suit, in cold or rainy weather. To wear it as part of any other ensemble is creepy at worse, and in extremely poor fashion at best.
Gardalmaran 2 months ago
Voting for Ford will bring on Trump in Canada.
Kegar 2 months ago
Spoiler: the passage was Jesus answering the Pharisees about *divorce*. You still seem to have missed that fact.
Goltibar 2 months ago
Yeah!! Not the words I would have used, but the sentiment is spot on.
Moogujinn 2 months ago
Because it requires federal tax dollars to pay for a religious education. That is a First Amendment no no.
Daimi 1 month ago
LOL... What kind of effery.
Faezahn 1 month ago
Common ancestry isn't proven. Random mutation and natural selection accounting for most change isn't proven and may get swapped out for other mechanisms.
Jukree 1 month ago
Slavery is still not outlawed.
Vigar 1 month ago
If they got it wrong according to you it also meant then that God gave it wrongly to them. I do not know about such a case. If I read you correctly that is.
Tojasida 1 month ago
This is the biggest Straw man I've seen on this site so far. You clearly don't understand Islam.
Meztigis 2 weeks ago
Why is anyone concerned about themselves if they are dead? An atheist wouldn't be a self-serving prick when they are alive because it hurts themselves and those they care about.
Dogore 2 weeks ago
Yes, you worship the creation. Your statements add up to Pantheism "a doctrine which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God."
Nazahn 1 week ago
Lol, I'm 5'9, that's why I like finding sexy flats. But I do have and love heels.
Tygotaxe 6 days ago
They vote for who will guarnatee them the most freebies. Entire communities of government housing in Toronto now , thousands of units where no hydro is paid and many rents are less than $200 a month. They even work part time to supplement welfare so its pretty rosy for them

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