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"Let me put on my arch-conservative hat"

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Black woman gets her massive Clitoris sucked off!

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Shaktihn 11 months ago
Or a Russian troll sewing descent.
Fegor 11 months ago
Both Bush and Obama put pardons and commutations through their Attorneys General. Both believed that living people with a chance to reform their lives were a priority over those who had served their time and died. His name was Jack Johnson, by the way. He was convicted under the Mann Act. As attorney John Siegal said, "If you're going to get into the business of reviewing American history for injustices, you have an endless caseload."
Shaktilkree 11 months ago
Put on condoms during lunch?
Fenrisho 11 months ago
The claims are only found within the bible. No other evidence backs them up. They are the origin of the cliam. Pure up hear say thst no one knows who wrote.
Zolobei 11 months ago
People have been preparing for this meeting since 1948.
Mirr 10 months ago
I see this in the live stream from doggy daycare. He is friends with them.
Narn 10 months ago
Since there is only God, who's the dinner guest and who's the meal?
Zululkis 10 months ago
Ah yes. That came to mind too. That is a good one especially nowadays.
Makazahn 10 months ago
I agree with you but I am also not God, therefore I am not the ultimate arbiter of life and death. Are there people in this world deserving of death?
Mikamuro 9 months ago
I was speaking of this latest case before SCOTUS. I DO NOT
Vosida 9 months ago
That whole entire piece makes me want to slice his mouth off of his face, cut out his tongue and bury him in a landfill to match the filth he's talking about. Bet he wouldn't talk that sh!t to an ordinary person on the street because he knows he would get his a$$ beat or killed on the spot.
Mezitilar 9 months ago
They'd have to take a drug test and have no DUIs.
Nalkis 9 months ago
Please tell me how a lower tax economy will kill jobs? Plus if you like government spending, Dougie apparently has the biggest deficit of them all. The biggest problem under Ford will not be lack of jobs, but lack of workers.
Zujora 9 months ago
You?ve made my tree sad and it?s going to cry now
Douzuru 9 months ago
When I have traveled to predominantly RCC regions of Europe I notice that many there simply ignore the doctrines of their Roman leadership. At the more personal level the tenets their own faith seems quite irrelevant to them. What faith seems to mean to many Europeans is a traditional excuse to have festivals dress up for the cosplay and generally eat, drink and feel merry.
Tegar 8 months ago
Unbelievable.........................still 19% of the voters voted Liberal.
Zologor 8 months ago
This is so stupid. What was even offensive here? I mean good grief, stop with the pearl clutching already.
Fenrimi 8 months ago
"The sky, which is hard as molten looking glass" Job 38:17
Moogujin 8 months ago
We aint fine. Religion makes us worse. " do anything as long as you dont blaspheme, you can kill rape etc all you have to do is before you die, accept some Palestinian jew as your savior and all your bad deeds are absolved " thats as immoral as it gets
Nak 8 months ago
It's called the comics, you pleb.
Tern 8 months ago
The understanding here would be that God's hand did not steer the content. Or at best that any such steering is liberally mixed with large quantities of human error. It's a document by humans, from humans' perspective, about humans' relationship with God.
Zulkilkis 8 months ago
They didn't loosen controls, they lost control totally.
Tojagami 7 months ago
Ok, cool. Majority opinion indicates that Nazareth was a place in the 1st century. What does that have to do with...well...anything?
Takasa 7 months ago
Awww, you're employing a derogatory term in order to improve the credibility of your argument;. a primary school, playground debate tactic......
Kajigar 7 months ago
NO, it ISN'T their right! International law says a person seeking asylum MUST stop in the first safe country they come to. Since we DON'T share a border with Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador these ILLEGALS have NO right seeking asylum here!
Sagor 7 months ago
And a fourth. Wow. Do you block everyone who is smarter than you?
Yojinn 7 months ago
So you never checked into it to see if it was a sin, you just took their word for it, and as a non-believer you believe that. It was wrong of them to tell you that and it is wrong of you to stereotype
Bragar 7 months ago
I have watched it surge over the last 9 years and it came roaring into the public as "Fine to say this now" with him.
Fenrikora 6 months ago
If it was a fantasy of mine, I'd be giddy..... like you are.
Sami 6 months ago
I don't see it often out in public, but I do see it in YouTube comments when it pertains to celebrity men. Not sure if that counts, though.
Mezigami 6 months ago
Not offended buddy. Just some friendly advice to someone who clearly has some shit he?s gotta work through. Get a little perspective. Have you never experienced an election before?
Tojataxe 6 months ago
"Do you believe that women (like me) who do not want to be in the same room changing clothing with biological males are bigots?"

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