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"I'm pretty upset that suicide is seemingly comparable to trading in a used Corolla, but it is what it is I guess."

Best friend girlfriend let me fuck behind his back

"Yes, thank you Dave," she said with a smile. They knew that the after dinner activities would get rambunctious and didn't want anyone to feel ill.

Master gave me my 8th spank to start the night, one hand brought down on each cheek. Jim aand bouncing off of Kathy's cervix with every stroke, and Kathy's ass shook and jiggled every time Jim's hips slammed into the generous cheeks. Although there had been a few times she wanted to be abused when growing up.

Krissy started rubbing her clit like crazy as i kept fingering like crazy, and then I slipped a forth finger into her wet pussy with ease as her pussy was soaking wet.

I bet Michael would say the same thing.

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Tojakree 11 months ago
What the hell is wrong with people.
Faektilar 11 months ago
Having sex after one is divorced and remarried, is considered adultery.
Tuzshura 11 months ago
He is so goofy
Shagul 11 months ago
What there is not is a shred of evidence falsifying that hypothesis
Faukasa 11 months ago
Actually you missed Him.
Dataur 10 months ago
Don't chew, don't chew...
Mezuru 10 months ago
I live in a country where the second religion is Islam, among my friends there are Muslims, I read the Koran and sometimes communicate with Muslim priests, while my friends are getting to know Christianity, although I am Orthodox.
Duktilar 10 months ago
So he points out that you can?t support your own position then make it sound like Tokyo is the unreasonable.
Gasida 10 months ago
I've seen on HGTV where they've had to get paint colors for the exterior approved. I can see putting a clause that you can't paint it some lobster red color, but they picked a beige color...
Kajimi 10 months ago
That seems incredibly round about and stupid. Sounds more like jesus is making unreasonable expectations knowing full well of the nature of the subject he's making those expectations for
Kigajar 10 months ago
The burden of proof lies with the one claiming he rose from the dead. No facts needed for those who don't claim it
Julrajas 10 months ago
karma is 'do enough good' seriously. Karma as some cosmic force is exactly that. But there is a different karma, which is common sense - if you do enough stupid things or hurt others, it will hurt you eventually.
Faubei 10 months ago
Whatever happened to "His Plan"?
Vojar 9 months ago
Weird how God behaves exactly like you would expect any other non-existent being to behave.
Nijar 9 months ago
Christianophobia can accurately be described as a paranoid delusions that Christians have about people who don't believe what they do. "We're 85 percent of the population, this is our country! Help we're being persecuted!" Doesn't compute. Once again we find you Christians doing what you do - making stuff up.
Gur 9 months ago
i would think the first thing you would say, is, PEX! pex everywhere!..
Kagaktilar 8 months ago
2) Labor unions destroyed themselves that is why GM and Chrysler were bankrupt
Mezirisar 8 months ago
Wait until Jack and the Big Three hear about this. Shit is going to hit the fan.
Yozshull 8 months ago
"Do you accept that it's immoral to cut off pieces of other's bodies?"
Dalkis 8 months ago
so you hold science and god directly opposed, and conclude that the scientific method could never produce evidence to indicate god? weird position for a theist. another weird phenomenon is when people believe that because they hold unsubstantiated beliefs that I must also. or the phenomenon where religious people try to talk down to differing opinions by comparing them to religion.
Najar 8 months ago
I'm quite sure none of them present themselves as places for women to get an abortion. Rather, they present themselves as a place for women to go who are
Mukree 8 months ago
So nothing to show how he is corrupt ... What a shock .
Kiramar 8 months ago
Pointing out your problem with basic comprehension is not trolling.
Gardalkis 8 months ago
"You were so sure, I wonder why??? Hmmm!"..... Who would have ever thought that American Women would Vote for an Ignorant, Foul Mouthed , Pu$$Y Grabber, We also didn't count on Millennials pitching a Hissy Fit because Bernie Lost.....
Dakasa 7 months ago
Nobody should be demonized. Especially the LGBT and people who subscribe to a religion that supports traditional marriage.
Viramar 7 months ago
At least half of the people in this country live pay check to pay check. No savings and most don't have money on reserve to cover a $500 emergency. I would venture to say. You don't know what you are talking about. A fast food worker can have all the credentuals you mentioned and still work for low wages. Location has a lot to do with it also. There are cities where more than half the people can't afford a house or an average apartment on their own. Maybe if you had more education yourself (take your own advice) then you wouldn't give such an uniformed opinion
Gogul 7 months ago
That income should be tied & adjustable to the costs of living in any particular area.
Vugrel 7 months ago
now ya tell me. geez.

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