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"I lived in the Middle East while working on a public health campaign. Many of the "sexist" qualities we pin to traditional culture and Christianity in the US are amplified there. Women have this role, men have this role, women have to cover this, men don't have to cover that, etc. I used to think how could they stand it. Then I started talking to women I felt close to. They said two things I still carry with me 1) women becoming like men isn't progress, it's just mimicking men 2) they are valued for what they are (women, mothers, grandmothers) versus what they're not."

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The rest of the diners were all married couples apart from two Newcastle businessmen called Bob and Terry. yay AM' she sighed, relieved that she still had 5 days to be alone.

Joe getting in the mood, splashed Jill and Ginger with water, and both of them ganged up on him, splashing and dunking him.

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She moaned so loudly he wondered to himself if the pharohs guards would hear, or if there were even if there were pharohs guards anymore. She eventually opens up her legs and starts to rub her now shaven clean pussy towards the window.

Pretty soon, though, I was antsy again and looking for another distraction. I'm sure some people either saw or heard, but it seemed to excite both of us. I desperately tried to find an excuse to stay in the diner Fgee order to get another good look at him but I could not come up with anything convincing.

as long as Tom (her current boyfriend) NEVER toy out toyd what what going to happen in the next 3 hours. That gave me enough time to jump out of bed and rush past her on my way to the bathroom. "And if we don't obey," he said with a defiant look.

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Nazragore 1 year ago
That?s what Mas are for! ??
Tojashakar 1 year ago
When they stopped teaching vocational trades in public schools 20-25 yrs ago an concentrated on hi-tech job training it left a serious scar on the job market of skilled trade craft tool&dye carpentry Electricians an so forth.
Fautilar 1 year ago
Ahh so the universal scales of justice if the good outweighs the bad you are good?
Kejin 1 year ago
You have to demonstrate that my morality is immoral. You can't. You don't know what morals I believe in. Just that I believe in morality. Therefore he (and you) are wrong.
Arajar 1 year ago
>>"God never came into existence."<<
Mikagul 1 year ago
In the office library. Since everything is digital, no one is in there and there are plenty of tables, chairs and couches to work with. Then there is the glass floor for awesome kink.
Julrajas 1 year ago
It was fulfilled at the Cross.
Dairisar 1 year ago
Not at all. My interpretation is just as valid as yours.
Goltikazahn 1 year ago
CNN wants yer gunz.
Mezigul 1 year ago
As I said, training clergy was part of its original mission, but not Christian clergy alone. John Harvard is only one of several founders and his bio doesn't say whether he was Christian or Unitarian - merely that he served in the Charlestown Church as a dissenting minister (i.e. he wasn't Anglican).
Brarg 1 year ago
Nejinn 1 year ago
"Why" implies a purpose, an intent, correct? That leads to an Intender.
Dugal 11 months ago
I am totally thrown by your avatar being a woman, and you discussing your wife.
Kazilabar 11 months ago
The chains are a nice touch.
Dizshura 11 months ago
Even if it's not stuffed in if the store's refrigeration system does not have enough cooling capacity the refrigerated goods will never be stored at a proper temperature.
Kijas 11 months ago
Thank you for your service.
Zulugami 11 months ago
If the intelligent design folks were arguing that complexity is intelligent design, then they'd certainly have gotten that wrong. They aren't.
Vonris 10 months ago
So, do you interpret the passage I provided from 2 Jude, differently?
Kazijora 10 months ago
One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret,a the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. 2He saw at the water?s edge two boats, left there by the fishermen, who were washing their nets. 3He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little from shore. Then he sat down and taught the people from the boat.
Brataxe 10 months ago
Why is it an either-or proposition for you?
Gardajind 10 months ago
Sorry, but I have read his papers, and i do not agree.
Zolorn 10 months ago
you know all her "freinds are all secreaty bichin about this. the dresses would be outstanding..
Akinozshura 9 months ago
Never said that you were a soldier, or that soldiers weren't human beings. I was simply critiquing your comment against the prevailing myth that soldiers die for American freedom, which includes the freedom to 'rant and rave and expect to get away with it' (you know, the 1st?).
Moogulabar 9 months ago
I'd rather be a beater.
Meztirr 9 months ago
Cannot refute the truth so you deflect to hide your ignorance. LOL...
Arashigis 9 months ago
"Wait for a fluctuation to trigger crystallization."
Fegore 8 months ago
First and foremost, I'm curious as to how the Bible could be portrayed as "all horror". Full disclosure, I am a Christian, but that means I've studied up. One of the biggest points of misunderstanding about the Bible comes from when people point out old levitical laws and say "look, it says this really harsh and violent thing!", but what people often overlook is that the Old Testament laws were replaced when Jesus came. If something is to be objectively true, then you can't just pick and choose what is true with it. I'd be happy to try and answer some questions people have about the Bible though. What do you guys think?

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